August 25, 2016


Use Cases 5aMoodMe offers Freedom to Brands, Agencies and Apps to create Face Augmented Reality experiences. Your own Snapchat Lenses / Instagram Filters to grow engagement, retention and monetization in your applications thanks to MoodMe Face AR SDK, the highest performance and precision Face Augmented Reality software developer kit.

Face AR SDK brings “Face Intel inside“: the profound understanding of human faces in terms of emotions, gender, age & ethnicity to empower your Business and Consumer Applications to make sense of humans.

Our Solutions are verticalized:

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Consumer Apps

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Face Analytics – Emotions Gender Age



Faces Analytics means:

  • detect faces in a picture or in a video;
  • recognize the facial features (eyes, mouth, nose, oval of the face…);
  • track them in real time;
  • enrich them with face augmented reality effects (masks, 3D objects & animations, etc);
  • emotion detection: measure engagement: understand emotional state & facial expressions;
  • gender age ethnicity detection: understand audience’s demographics;
  • identifyrecognize people, match them with faces stored in a data base.

Benefits of MoodMe Business Solutions:

  • accelerate time to market: we live in a World of Just In Time. Ship in days, not months!
  • reduce risks: don’t climb a learning curve, we have all the skills you need and you can use them on demand;
  • don’t over burden your own team of engineering and creative design;
  • save money: no additional statements of work for your digital agency;

if any of these cases apply, contact us & we’ll find the most efficient way to help you ship your new Applications fast & economically.

MoodMe combines Business Solutions with core Face Augmented Reality technologies packaged into a Face AR SDK in a unique way to enable its Customers to differentiate with innovative user experiences.

Custom Face Augmented Reality Solutions are developed to meet each unique requirement.

Our Customers come from different segments. They all have one thing in common: the benefits of Face + Augmented Reality to help create more engaging Apps through the understanding of human faces.
MoodMe advances the frontiers of face recognition, face tracking, emotion detection and face personalization with augmented reality with its new AR SDK.

Our Customers who chose to build their Applications themselves receive our full support with online resources plus our Team of Engineers and 3D Artists.

Start growing & measuring engagement! Contact sales AT