July 16, 2016

Augmented Reality SDK

Personalization with Face Augmented Reality SDK

Face Augmented Reality SDK offers amazing face personalization effects for the broadest variety of applications.

We live in the Age of Personalization.

Brands and Applications need to engage in a meaningful way.

Consumer Apps

Messaging, Video Chat, Social, Dating Apps need to constantly offer innovative and rich user experiences. Face Augmented Reality SDK Effects (AR Fx) personalize experiences like SnapChat Lenses and Facebook MSQRD Filters.

Brand Marketing

Brands need to create Magic experiences to Inspire their Customers. The Magic of today is the mundane of tomorrow. Branded Face effects offer amazing Brand Activation experiences with product placement in creative animations.


Engage fans and promote merchandising (hat, cap, hair wig, scarf, shirts). Fans try in Augmented Reality and receive promotion codes to purchase the real object in the eStore of the Club.


People try products on their faces with the Face Augmented Reality SDK: Eyewear, Makeup, Hats, Earrings in order to remove the friction of eCommerce.


Promotion Agencies let visitors dress up with accessories and hair styles which represent the City they are visiting.

Features of the Augmented Reality SDK

augmented reality sdkFace recognition on still images and video streams in real-time.

Tracking of all facial landmarks / face features points (eyes, mouth, nose, face oval, etc.) to fit 3D objects & animations around the face.

3D Tool for Artists to fit Faces with Augmented Reality props: hair, wigs, helmets, hats, glasses, moustache, face paints, face tattoos, etc.

Face Augmented Reality 3D animated scenes with smoke, fire, fluids, particles and also any combination of moving 3D objects.

Finally, physics of bodies can be represent with bouncing objects hence also collisions.

How the Augmented Reality SDK works

Our Face Augmented Reality SDK provides the ability to create simulations in real – time on live video such as augmented beauty, the virtual try-on of makeup, cosmetic creams and also eyewear, sun glasses, hats, jewelry. This is made possible by tracking the faces (up to three) and their facial features with highest accuracy.

Highest precision of 3D faces features tracking measures all face movements and facial expressions through 66 unique face landmarks.

Face Augmented Reality happens when 3D objects, textures, colored skins and animated objects are associated to these landmarks (mouth, lips, eyes, eyeborws, etc.) and rendered on the video stream, super imposed to the original video mirror of the user’s face.

Based on research at Roma La Sapienza University, our Face Augmented Reality SDK uses Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning to generate the most accurate real-time face augmented reality experience in the world.

augmented reality sdkMoodMe Face Augmented Reality devkit filters furthermore turn your App into Snapchat or Instagram. You can even create your own filters and they work whether you’re using the front or the back camera on your smartphone.

The Augmented Reality SDK filters can be either loaded in the App or rather from the Back End or a mix of both to consequently deliver the best user experience while giving a broad choice and more variety without requiring App updates.

As a result of the quickly-evolving smartphone hardware, face augmented reality will keep on getting better. MoodMe Face Software Development Kit analyzes the texture of the users’ facesto apply beautification or cosmetics effects and delivers the most realistic renderings of personalized 3D avatars.

Please contact us to get access to our Face Augmented Reality SDK.