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Gambling with Augmented Reality? You Bet!

How Augmented Reality Is Changing The Face Of Betting and Gambling Growth of Augmented Reality Casinos Many gamblers enjoy placing bets and playing casino games online. The reason being it is easy and so convenient. This said, they lose the exciting atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos. Augmented Reality Gambling is on its way to[…]


Happy Easter Eggs

Last year, Cadbury was the daring big brand involved with Snapchat in a Sponsored Lens inviting Creme Egg fans to try chocolate eggs in augmented reality. Who is going to celebrate Easter in an inspiring way in 2017? Granted, we all prefer our chocolate eggs in “real reality” (aka LIFE, where things taste good 😉 & possibly[…]

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Augmented Reality for Sports Apps

Football. Basket Ball. Baseball. Cricket. American Football. Hockey… Sports = People’s Passions. You may be into Sports for Passion or for Business (or both). Passion because you were “born” fan of your Club(s). I understand my friends from Mumbai who are Gunners (Arsenal) or ManU even if they never lived in the UK. My passions are[…]