Happy Easter Eggs

cadbury-snapchat3Last year, Cadbury was the daring big brand involved with Snapchat in a Sponsored Lens inviting Creme Egg fans to try chocolate eggs in augmented reality.

Who is going to celebrate Easter in an inspiring way in 2017?

Granted, we all prefer our chocolate eggs in “real reality” (aka LIFE, where things taste good 😉 & possibly Belgian chocolate from Galler (our Easter egg favourite), Neuhaus, Marcolini.

Easter SnapBritish & chocolate are two words who rarely occur in the same sentence for some reason unrelated to BREXIT 😛

This Easter, Snap lens allows users to turn themselves into the Easter bunny. The lens adds a bunny nose and a pair of white bunny ears with a pink bow to the Face and makes your eyes look bigger than normal. Along the bottom there is a number of Easter eggs that, once the lens is activated by opening your mouth, crack open and little yellow chicks come out.

Our teenager waiting for the eggs to hatch does not seem impressed 😉 Indeed, after 1 year and an IPO valuing Snap at 25 B$, you would expect more inspiration, right? Snap is now valued at 19 B$. Is it because of the low imagination of new effects or because Instagram has been so excellent at mimicking every step of Snap, like Stories and Augmented Reality with MSQRD takeover?

InSNOW lens Asia, SNOW (stands for Selfie NOW!) has lovely visual effects which appeal massively to the teenagers in Korea, Japan, China.

No wonder LINE invested 80 M$ in SNOW.

sapporo adWe are curious and anxious to see how Asian Consumer Brands will Sponsor Augmented Reality Face effects to engage with Asian Millenials on Asian platforms such as SNOW or LINE. We are also curious to see if WeChat, HIKE & Kakao will embrace this inspiring trend or be out-executed on their own turf by Snap and Facebook who brought MSQRD to its arsenal 1 year ago for some reason.

galler choco eggs



Happy Easter & enjoy real chocolate today!

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