November 21, 2016

Brands Augmented Reality Faces

Brands want to inspire Customers.

Magic Experiences combining Customers’ Faces and Brands in Augmented Reality is powerful: Your audience becomes Actor of a video Ad unit carrying your Brand and shares it in Social Media. The Marketer’s dream: a viral message propagated at no cost.

telechargementFace TrackingTacobell and Gatorade pioneered the format with Snapchat and paid 1 M $ to run an effect for just one day.

MoodMe offers Brands a sweeter deal:

  • You choose the Audience: one or many Apps you want, where your preferred target audience is present (it is not always about marketing to Snap millenials).
  • Work with Your Agency.
  • Tailor – made support.
  • Several Custom effects.
  • 365 days / year.
  • Low price (10s – 100s of K$ / year) based on actual audience measurements.

Aren’t Brands Cool enough to bring conversations to their properties rather than on someone else’s property for 1000 times the price?

Snapchat is cashing in on its surreal selfies (AdWeek 2016): Many marketers signed for Snapchat’s bespoke filters. Lenses who add colorful filters to selfies are wildly popular with millennials. Lenses change regularly, keeping users coming back every day. Brands pay Snapchat to create sponsored filters that appear in the same section of the App for one day. Adweek tracked Snapchat’s sponsored lenses to see which brands are buying the pricey ads. The Peanuts Movie campaign reportedly cost $750,000 for 24 hours on Halloween.