December 11, 2017


IMG_1804IMG_1805MoodMe GlassesVale01 MoodMe has implemented several complete Eyewear Augmented Reality experiences for top Fashion Brands using MoodMe Face Augmented Reality SDK.

The Apps feature 3D models of the Glasses, modelled from CAD files & pictures in order to respect textures & colours of high end materials.

Users can try on Glasses in Augmented Reality, share the output as video selfie in social media channels.

Apps have been implemented on iOS where a native 3D engine enables high quality animations of 3D assets such as Glasses. Android implementations can be done with either low level OpenGL programming or with the integration of a high end 3D engine such as Unity or Unreal. Both scenarios have been developed.

Glasses in Augmented Reality represent engaging Brand Activation experiences.

Reduce Sales Costs: Furthermore, Retailers can deploy the same solution in Store. Customers can Try tens of Eyewear models in matters of a minute, and will only try the physical glasses of the models they are most interested in. More sales at less Cost!