April 5, 2017

Glaxo Pharmaceutical Augmented Reality

GlaxoMoodMe partnered with bMuse, a digital agency from NYC, to create an original Pharmaceutical Augmented Reality experience for Glaxo GSK.

The Mobile Application is a powerful Educational application for Doctors and Patients. It uses Face effects for Pharmaceutical Augmented Reality with creativity to show the causes and symptoms of allergies on the patient’s face, in a powerful video selfie.

The cure appears with a creative animation of a Flonase spray which cleans the patient’s sinus, relieving her from the symptoms and making the effects of allergies disappear, all in a powerfull engaging experience.

The App combines the benefits of educational tools and Brand Marketing, using product placement in creative 3D Augmented Reality animations.

MoodMe Face effects for Pharmaceutical Augmented Reality are used in a powerful manner in an application that helps Doctors educate patients about allergies and how to use their product, the anti-allergy spray, safely: allergens are depicted as funny little monsters who, thanks to the face tracking, find their ways into the patient’s nose. Allergies symptoms grow and generate skin effects, a red nose, inflated eyes and, finally, tears.

The saviour comes in as Flonase spray, a Block buster anti – allergic pharmaceutical product.

The Target audience are Doctors who use the App to educate their Patients, kids who come with their parents, suffering from allergies.

The App is distributed through private App Stores and is available on iOS and Android.


Kids are reluctant to do a spray injection into their nose. Indeed, kids are often afraid it might hurt or bring an ice-cold feeling.

“How To” text – only notices are too complicated for Kids. Furthermore, which Parent has the time or rather the patience to read them?

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Augmented Reality

Educational Application and positioning the Company as digital innovators with Brand Marketing.


The Augmented Reality Pharma Application delivers video selfies of Patient’s Faces with semi – transparent effect of their nose. The sophisticated yet easy to understand computer graphics animations simulated the inside of the sinus clotted by a substance and allergens floating around represented by rather funny little monsters.

3D animation of a Spray injection with hand pushing the button.

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The nose is cleared, substance blown away in smoke!

Benefits for Patient: fun, easy to understand, personal, reassuring.