May 23, 2017



seq1 - 3Augmented Reality Betting & Gambling with Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality Betting & Gambling Apps optimizes the user experience so he/she only does one thing, fast & well: Play!

Placing Bets should be 1 click away. Select. Amount. Done!

There is no place for cluttered user interfaces, no funny user experiences… no cool distracting graphics.

Apps will rather keep the UX simple & neat so your Users can focus on just betting.

When your User Wins (not if: when), who is a better Brand Ambassador for you than your happy newly rich Customer?

Watch the message from the CEO.

wKoSnuShe can propagate a message of joy, the new riche$$ of the Jackpot in a creative fun way, and spread the message virally in social networks.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Betting

For Sports betting, users unlock Sports – specific Props if the Bet was placed on a Football Team for instance.

Augmented Reality Betting in Casinos

Many Casinos are already equipped with Photobooths or Photomatons where people can take their personalized photos, print them & furthermore send them as postcards, or straight as e-Cards.

Face Augmented Reality combined enable powerful Video effects with Props relating to the geolocation where the Casino is based, local monuments and bank notes & coins of money, in fun creative animations. These Videos can be shared straight from the Photobooth.

Casino Apps combined with the Loyalty Card means that the winner on a Slot Machine is identified by the Casino. A push notification sent to his/her Mobile App, unlocking the “Jackpot Filter” that the user is encouraged to share in Social Media in exchange of bonus points or other in Casino Promotions.

Many gamblers rather enjoy placing bets and playing casino games online. The reason being it is easy and so convenient. This said, they lose the exciting atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos.

AR Revolutionises the World of Gambling

Technology Companies which innovate in augmented reality online gambling face the big challenge of creating all the required software and also networking & hardware which is capable of delivering the experience.

Certainly, this innovation in Augmented Reality will revolutionise the World of online betting & gambling as we know them today.

seq1 - 7Historically, casinos have spent huge amounts of money in buildings and structures which are designed to attract and entertain gamblers and their families. The Bellagio in Las Vegas is a perfect example of an incredible destination. It displays a visual feast with its World famous music waterfall show next to incredible gambling experiences. Furthermore, Online Casinos probably do not have such resources so they try to lure players by presenting them with promotions and special offers.

All this changed thanks to Augmented and Virtual Reality, also coined as Mixed Reality. Online Casinos are finally able to add such awesome attractions.

Augmented Reality proved itself to the mainstream with Pokemon Go. It is now likely changing the online casino industry for the better too. Read more about the subject in our Blog.