January 16, 2018

Retail Augmented Reality

Fashion-Girl-Glassesfashion makeup mirrorMoodMe has implemented complete Augmented Reality experiences for Fashion Brands: Augmented Beauty with virtual try-on of Glasses, Makeup, Hair Styles, integrated with eCommerce & Retail sales.

The Applications, thanks to MoodMe Face SDK availability on all Platforms, mobile, web, server & desktop, are deployed on the Mobile App as well as In Store, to deliver engaging experiences.

Users can try-on Glasses, Makeup, Hair Styles, Accessories, even Jewelry, discover their new looks & share them as video or snapshots.

Experiential Retail

Retail Eyewear.jpgWhen everybody thought Brick & Mortar was dead, killed by Amazon, Jef Bezos came to the rescue & bought Whole Foods for 13 B$.

People are social being & like to get out of their home to interact, purchase, be entertained. Retail is reinventing itself as an entertainment destination. Airports have understood that very well with their amazing “Duty Free”.

MoodMe Face Augmented Reality SDK implemented in retail reduces sales costs.

The same experience found on the Mobile is made vailable on Tablets & Desktops to be deployed in Stores to engage Customers and Reduce Sales Costs: Customers can Try tens of Eyewear models in matters of minutes, in 1 click or swipe, even wink, thanks to MoodMe Face Analytics!

The Customers will only try the physical glasses of the models they are most interested in, leading to substantial savings in sales staff. More sales at less Cost!

MoodMe Face AR SDK is open so Brands & Retailers are free to create any AR effect they want, omni channel.

Brands & their Agencies are in control.

Learn more about Fashion use cases.