August 25, 2016


Sports Augmented Reality: Engage Fans, Sell Merchandising and Ads

MoodMe inside your Sports digital properties will increase:

  • Fan Engagement: Fans personalize their faces with paintings and gadgets;
  • Sales of Merchandising: Fans Try in Augmented Reality and Buy;
  • Sales of Ads: sell Augmented Reality Ads to Your Sponsors: personalized Sports Augmented Reality effects.

changes-screen-sportscrystalpalace fansEngage Fans

Fans personalize their faces with masks and face paintings which can change any day, with the moment your Club is living, an Anniversary, the form of a Star players, you name it. Wear the colors of the team or gadgets, hats, wigs…  and share their video selfies in social media, promoting your Club’s social visibility.

Your own effects tailored to your Fans and your Club.

Empower your Fans to create their effects, like these Crystal Palace girls, on your App rather than leaving your property to become eyeballs for Snapchat or Facebook Video Ads.

Face Tracking
Monetize like the Social Media giants and bring the emotional engagement to your Fans.

Sell Merchandising

Let your Fans try your Merchandising in Augmented Reality and buy it with zero friction on your eCommerce in 1 click!
Sell AR Ads

Sell Augmented Reality Ads to Your Sponsors: Offer them innovative Face Augmented Reality effects so they engage with your fans.

Offer Face AR effects to your Sponsors and become an online destination for top Advertising dollars.

Contact: Info @ Mood-Me DOT com

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