July 16, 2016

Face Personalization with Augmented Reality

We live in the Age of Personalization.

The applications of Augmented Reality Face Effects are multiple:

  • Consumer Apps: Messaging, Video Chat, Social, Dating Apps need to constantly offer innovative and rich user experiences. Face Augmented Reality Effects (AR Fx) personalize experiences like SnapChat Lenses and Facebook MSQRD Filters.
  • Brand Marketing: Brands need to create Magic experiences to Inspire their Customers. The Magic of today is the mundane of tomorrow. Branded Face effects offer amazing Brand Activation experiences with product placement in creative animations.
  • Sports: engage fans and promote merchandising (hat, cap, hair wig, scarf, shirts). Fans try in Augmented Reality and receive promotion codes to purchase the real object in the eStore of the Club.
  • Fashion: let people try in Augmented Reality: Eyewear, Makeup, Hats, Earrings…remove the friction of eCommerce.
  • Tourism promotion Agencies let visitors dress up with accessories and hair styles which represent the City they are visiting.


  • face personalizationface recognition on still images and video streams in real-time,
  • tracking of all facial landmarks / face features points (eyes, mouth, nose, face oval, etc.) to fit 3D objects & animations around the face,
  • software tool for 3D artists to fit Augmented Reality gadgets: hair, wigs, helmets, hats, glasses, moustache, face paints, face tattoos, etc.
  • fit Augmented Reality 3D animated scenes with smoke, fire, fluids, particles and moving 3D objects.