October 28, 2015


MoodMe Face SDK v3 is live since January 2017: Face recognition, tracking & personalization.

With MoodMe Augmented Reality Face SDK, any look & mood is yours to wear!



What’s new:

  • Adaptive tracker: the SDK detects the underlying hardware capabilities (CPU) and initiates tracking with the most suitable tracker: if the smartphone is powerful enough, the highest end tracker is launched.
  • Occlusions: the tracker now resists occlusion of a part of the face (such as hiding an eye with one hand) with high level of robustness.
  • Extended platform availability: in addition to our mobile first iOS and Android, we now distribute our SDK on MacOS, WIN10 and Linux.

MoodMe SDK is a library that enhances and eases application development which deals with human face recognition, transformation and tracking in real time.

MoodMe automatically detects primary face features (shape, nose, eyes, eyebrows, lips), creating a semantic model that is used to implement Applications with face recognition, tracking and personalization augmented reality.

face recognitionOur advanced SDK components capabilities include:

  • Flexible face tracking: four different level of quality to adapt to device capabilities;
  • Pose estimation: extract the pose of the face and return it as 2D and 3D data points;
  • Expression builder:  transfer the shape and the appearance of any individual face to an avatar, using a semantic and geometric mapping.
  • Dynamic mapping: all faces displayed inside a picture or a video stream are automatically detected and mapped with their own avatar using a face recognition technology.

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