October 28, 2015


MoodMe Face AR SDK offers Freedom to Brands, Agencies and Apps to create Face Augmented Reality experiences. Your “Snap-like” Lenses in any Apps (mobile, desktop, web).

With MoodMe Face Augmented Reality SDK, any look & mood is yours to wear!

What’s new with MoodMe Face SDK v3Face detection, tracking & Augmented Reality personalizations.

Adaptive tracker: the SDK detects the underlying hardware capabilities (CPU) and initiates tracking with the most suitable tracker: if the smartphone is powerful enough, the highest end tracker is launched.

Occlusions: the tracker now resists occlusion of a part of the face (such as hiding an eye with one hand) with high level of robustness.

Extended platform availability: in addition to our mobile first iOS and Android, we now commercialize our SDK for MacOS, Linux and WIN10 and a Unity plugin.


No Cloud for 2 reasons:

Delight your Users with instantaneous user experiences. Cloud means data have to travel back & forth from the User device to the Cloud. In between, the famous World Wide Wait…your users have a plane to catch. No time for that!

Privacy: Cloud means user’s data, their faces, will be stored on someone’s computer, where they will be replicated, backed up, saved, shared with some law enforcement agency &/or leaked through one of those data breaches… respect your users’ privacy and let them protect their faces.

face recognitionOur advanced SDK components capabilities include:

  • Flexible face tracking: four different level of quality to adapt to device capabilities;
  • Pose estimation: extract the pose of the face and return it as 2D and 3D data points;
  • Expression builder:  transfer the shape and the appearance of any individual face to an avatar, using a semantic and geometric mapping.
  • Dynamic mapping: all faces displayed inside a picture or a video stream are automatically detected and mapped with their own avatar using a face recognition technology.

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