July 19, 2017

UNITY Face Recognition SDK


The Unity 3d plugin of MoodMe Face Tracking and Face Recognition SDK (Software Development Kit) for iOS, Android, Linux & Windows (Face SDK) enables you to create applications that can recognize human faces in real time inside the most used game engine.



Technical Specifications

The Unity 3d plugin of MoodMe works as a standard Unity 3d plugin with specific extensions for Windows 64 bit, OSX, Android and iOS. Currently takes the video footage from the standard WebcamTexture Unity class but it can be fed by any kind of image or video converted in any supported format (RGB,RGBA,BGRA, YUV, YUY2).

It’s a thread safe multi thread plugin that can be scaled to use every available CPU core and runs at 60fps on mid-end systems.

CUDA and OpenCL support is planned.

The plugins makes the 66 2d/3d landmarks data available to Unity, together with the head transformation matrix. Animation driver and retargeting is in development.