July 13, 2016

Face Tracking SDK & Emotion Recognition SDK

MoodMe FaceUse Cases 3 Tracking SDK is used in many applications by Fortune 500 large Corporations, App Developers and Digital Agencies all over the World.

Applications of MoodMe Face SDK are as diverse as Brand Marketing, Sports, Entertainment, Social Media, Chat and Video communications, Fashion eCommerce, virtual try on of Eyewear & Makeup and Games.

Our Customers include: ATT, Final Four (US College Basketball), Cointreau, Glaxo, AS ROMA, European Commission, Hi5, Tagged (TheMeetMe Group), Yabb Messenger, South China University of Technology (SCUT) & Agencies in US, Europe, Dubai, Asia.

The key features that our customers find in our Face Tracking SDK are:

  • automatic detection of facial features (aka facial landmarks / face features points)
  • face detection on still images and video streams in real-time,
  • face tracking of the face features / landmarks such as eyes, eyebrows, forehead, lips, nose, face oval, ears,
  • adaptive algorithms detects the CPU & GPU power and adapts the face model with the best quality from 66 to 150 facial features at run time,
  • high performance in video with as many as 70 fps (frames per second) in high end smartphones,
  • face recognition for emotion detection: happy, sad, angry, mouth open, eye blink, etc.

Our Face SDK comes with a software tool which enables the fitting of Augmented Reality gadgets and effects: such as hair, helmets, hats, eyewear, moustache, face painting and tattoos.

It also allows for the creation of complete 3D animated scenes with fluids, particles and moving 3D objects.

face tracking SDKMoodMe Augmented Reality Effects 

Our special effects Team can create Custom gadgets and effects:

  • We proviside standard gadgets and effects, ready to use. We license our own library of 3D gadgets & animations. We personalize to customize them to your requirements (Brand, colors, style, textures, etc.).
  • Integration Consulting: fast integration within your project of source code of ready to use effects.
  • We provide our own creative ideas or follow your artistic direction.

Face Tracking SDKface tracking SDK

MoodMe Face SDK is a high-performance, multi-platform face tracking, face recognition, and facial feature detection software. Face SDK is the highest performance and stability tool to empower mobile, desktop and Web / Server applications with automatic face detection, face tracking, face recognition and emotion understanding.

MoodMe SDK is easy to integrate in a new or an existing application project, enabling developers to create creative and innovative applications.

Our SDK detects entire faces and individual facial features (face landmarks or face features points) and recognizes faces in still images as well as in real-time video streams.

With our SDK, you are empowered to create a wide range of applications for Brand Marketing, Sports, Entertainment, Social Media, Chat and Video communications, Fashion eCommerce, virtual try on of Eyewear, Hats and Makeup, Tourism and Theme Park promotion and Games.

MoodMe SDK enables you to build complex face morphing, face personalization with augmented reality effects and animation.

Platform Support

MoodMe Face SDK is written in standard C / C++ for maximum portability across Operating Systems, mobile, cloud and desktop: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS and Web.

Fast & Easy Integration

App developers appreciate the simple high level structure of the API calls which allows for easy integration into their projects.

Features are demonstrated with code samples that can be copied and used in your own project. A detailed documentation helps developers understand our features and options.

OS Support

iOS and Android: Full support with highly optimized code for each of the two mobile platforms enables mobile developers to create applications encompassing face sensing, face tracking and face recognition on iOS and Android devices.

MoodMe Face Tracking Software Development Kit supports Android 4.0+ and Android embedded devices, iOS 5.0+, iPhone 4+, iPad.

Win10, Linux & MacOS are also fully supported.

Demo applications are available in Apple AppStore and Android Google Play.

Highly Reliable

We always strive to deliver the most robust software components to offer zero headache to our customers.

Our code is based on the most advanced research in face recognition algorithms. Carefully designed, implemented and tested.

We ensure zero memory leaks and no lockups during operation. Our code has been tried and tested by hundreds of customers running critical applications.

Free Evaluation

Download your free evaluation version and start enriching the emotional engagement of your Applications!

Facial Feature Detection and Tracking

MoodMe Face Tracking SDK employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and track facial features quickly and reliably.

The SDK detects the power of the smartphone’s CPU at run time and adapts the quality of the tracker in real time.

The face model is composed of a number of facial feature points including eyes, eye contours, eyebrows, lips, nose, forehead, ears and oval of the face which can be composed of 66 to 150 facial landmarks / face features points.

The face tracking works in real-time and performs smooth real-time tracking and transformations of facial features in live video.

On desktop, MoodMe Face SDK delivers over 80-fps (frames per second) performance on video streams.

On mobile, MoodMe Face SDK delivers up to 70-fps (frames per second) performance on video streams on high end smartphones such as Apple iPhone 7.

Multi-Threaded Performance

MoodMe Face SDK is implemented with multi – threading capability from Intel core libraries. It supports multi-core processors to boost the performance of face tracking, face recognition and facial feature detection. Most smartphones and desktops are now multi-core CPUs which can already be used to their full potential.

The SDK uses multiple concurrent threads.

Gender and Age Recognition

Part of MoodMe Face Tracking Software Development Kit next generation (availability in 2017) automatically identifies the gender and approximate age on a still image or video. This will empower smart digital signage applications created by advertisers and marketing specialists.

Face Tracking in Live Video Streams

Part of MoodMe Face SDK next generation (availability in H2 2017) automatically recognizes all faces encountered in a video stream, captured from different views and angles, complete with live emotions and expressions. Each face is tracked seamlessly and automatically with no need to conduct a manual tagging or enrolment.

Emotion and Facial Expression Recognition

Facial expressions are recognized by a separate code base, available as part of the license of the SDK. It recognizes expressions such as surprise, eye winks, etc.

MoodMe Face Tracking SDK and Emotion Recognition SDK next generation (availability in 2017) recognize emotions and facial expression across gender, age and race: happy, sad, angry, surprise, etc.

Our Face Tracking Software Development Kit is designed to perform extremely well under varying lighting conditions. It works fine under daylight, fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Applications using this software component are enabled to detect level of happiness, blinking and sleeping.