April 30, 2017

How to Start a Startup in Luxembourg

Infographic: How to Start a Startup in Luxembourg

Find out about key players: Skype & MoodMe are next to each other…

Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is focusing on innovation on all levels: fintech, robotics and IT.

Pros & Cons of Luxembourg

The country has experienced success on many levels: it has been able to adapt from a steel industry to becoming a strong financial place.

Many international companies such as Amazon, AOL, Apple iTunes, eBay, PayPal, Skype, Microsoft, and Sony have located their European HQ in Luxembourg.

This unique mixture of local and international potential makes the country very cosmopolite as more than 45% of the population are from foreign countries.

If you’re seeking to have an international outlook for your startup from day one, you definitely should consider Luxembourg as a place to found. The diverse population also makes the country an interesting test market as a lot of different cultures are present.

Luxembourg has one of the highest GDP per capita and offers cutting-edge infrastructure regarding IT and network connectivity.

As it’s a small country, it’s relatively easy for a startup to become a national leader and to have access to economic and business decision-makers.

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