March 6, 2017


sovaMacBookReader is the BEST Book Reader for Mac.
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WHAT IS MacBookReader?

MacBookReader allows you to comfortably read books right on your Mac in a fully customizable layout.

Key Features:

  • Support of all common formats (ePUB, fb2, MOBI, Kindle, iBooks, html, doc, Word, RTF, etc.).
  • Natural Two-page Viewing Mode.
  • Page flipping animation.
  • BookShelf Customizable Database.
  • Exportable Highlighting and Notes.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Search & Bookmarks.
  • Text To Speech for vision impaired people.
  • Fully customizable Keyboard Commands, Fonts, Sizes, Colors, Backgrounds.
  • Localized in English, Czech, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional

MacBookReader is a native Mac application developed by MoodMe Lead Dev, Leonid Mesentsev.

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