December 8, 2017


Measure Audiences with Face Analytics

face analytics group.pngBrands invest Billion$ in marketing to target their message and to maintain meaningful conversations with their customers.

They lack reliable tools to measure the ROI.

MoodMe Face Analytics helps Brands & Retailers gather data & extract insights on their audiences.

Which Audience? Gender, Age & Ethnicity detection provides accurate demographics data.
Emotion & attention detection measures people’s 7 base emotions (neutral, happy, surprised, sad, angry, fear, disgust) on a 0 – 100 scale and wether they pay attention to your message.
face analytics identify actors.jpg
Identification recognizes people from data base of individuals’ faces.

  • smart digital signage with contents personalized to the right demographics.
  • detect age to protect minors and prevent them from signing up to Apps & online Services.
  • security: access control
  • attendance monitoring.

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