November 21, 2016

Messaging and Social Apps are Video centric

MoodMe Face Augmented Reality SDK adds Magic to Video, Messaging and Social Apps with its versatile features.

While SnapChat has introduced the Lenses and Facebook has caught on with LIVE and MSQRD Filters, you too can create Your Own Magic Face Augmented Reality effects with MoodMe Face Augmented Reality SDK.

Today, the challenge of Consumer Apps has shifted from User Acquisition to Retention. While the cost of acquiring new users has grown over the last years, to sometimes up to a few US$ / user (download), the real pain is Retention. With an industry average of 4% retention after 1 year, the App ecosystem has become a Red Ocean. While some Rock Stars such as PokémonGo, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat may be doing so well, being the Rock Star today is no guarantee to still be alive tomorrow.

Making Sense of Faces is essential for two reasons:

  1. Add MagicFace Augmented Reality is the answer.
  2. Understand your AudienceSense their Emotions to get real time feedback on how engaged they are.

When it comes to Face Augmented Reality, MoodMe Face Augmented Reality offers a broad variety of Props, masks, gadgets as well as 3D animations and Special Effects involving particles and physics to help you turn your Apps into Magic Experiences.

MoodMe develops Custom effects and works with your Agency.