January 12, 2017

MoodMe Komix App

MoodMe Komix:

MoodMe Komix is a very fascinating and exciting App that uses Personalized Faces with Augmented Reality:MoodMe KomixMoodMe KomixMoodMe Komix
Some of the great new features include the effects of:

Smoke & Fire. Tears. Animals. Glasses. Sports.new-feature


Below are the Thematic gadgets:

Sports: Chicago Cubs, LA Lakers, BorgoRosso, EURO 2016.

Movies: XMEN, Joker & Comic – book effects.

Fashion: Prada & Rayban glasses, luxury Hats

Celebrities: Selfie with Santa, Trump

Animals: Bear, Lyon and Monkeys.

Fun: 3D animations and special effects, Tatoos & Face Pain, Facial expression recognition used as triggers for animations.

Emotion Recognition in 2017logo-ios-10

iOS 10 support. Find the App in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/moodme-komix/id1091739920?mt=8

Share Pictures & Videos in social media & instant messaging.

Keep watching the site for more exciting features.

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