October 28, 2015


Customers: ATT FinalFour, Gucci, Hi5 / Tagged TheMeetMeGroup / Ifwe, Airtime, Cointreau, Glaxo, AS ROMA, European Commission, Advantal (India), SprinklenetLab (USA), MyHubber (Dubai), YABB Messenger (Australia), ZuseAR (Australia), South China Tech University, Agencies in USA, EU, LATAM, Middle East & Asia.
Intellectual Property: 1 Patent Issued (US PTO, Sept 2017), 6 Patents filed. Priority date 2012.

Invest: Contact Investors Relations to enquire. Raising 1.5 M$ for sales & marketing (2/3) & face analytics platform (1/3).

Face & Aumented Reality attract huge investments according to Merrill Lynch research

MoodMe has product – market fit in hot markets.

Roadmap: Face Analytics : Emotions Gender Age Ethnicity detection. Big Data analytics. Collect, process & resell data.

GlaxoPharmaceutical companies use MoodMe to help Doctors teach Kids about allergies and educate about how to use their product safely.

Machines and IoT devices will have Face Intel inside to enable them to understand humans. Cars will detect & prevent you from falling asleep. Home will greet you with the music which suits your mood. Your coffee machine will sense your need for caffeine…

epfl-emotion-detectionWe are under NDA with OEMs & Tier 1 Suppliers.