October 28, 2015


Customers: FinalFour, ATT, Hi5/Tagged/Ifwe, Airtime, Cointreau, Glaxo, AS ROMA, European Commission, MyHubber (Dubai), YABB Messenger (Australia), ZuseAR (Australia), South China Tech University, US & EU Agencies…

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Face & Aumented Reality attract huge investments. Read Merrill Lynch research

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MoodMe has product – market fit in a hot market.

What is coming next:

  • Making Sense of Faces with Emotions Gender Age Ethnicity detection on multiple faces.
  • Immersive Entertainment with full Body Augmented Reality.

GlaxoPharmaceutical companies use MoodMe to help Doctors teach Kids about allergies and educate about how to use their product safely.

Machines and IoT devices will have Face Intel inside to enable them to understand humans. Huge Face AR Investments are taking place in different spaces: Automotive: your car will prevent you from falling asleep; Smart Home: your home will play the music which suits your mood; Appliances: your coffee machine will sense your need for stong coffee or decaf… what else?

epfl-emotion-detectionWe are under NDA for evaluation and paid Proofs of Concept by Fortune 500 Telecom company, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier and Consumer Electronics giant in Asia.

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