August 25, 2016

Pharma Education Augmented Reality

Face & Augmented Reality in Pharma

powerful video Education for Patients and Brand Marketing

MoodMe Face Augmented Reality effects is used by Pharmaceutical companies to help Doctors educate patients about allergies and how to use their product, an anti-allergy spray, safely.

End Customer Giant Pharmaceutical Corporation, Fortune 500.

Product anti – allergic spray for nose. Target user: kids & their Doctors.


  • kids are reluctant to do a spray injection into their nose as they are afraid it might hurt or bring an ice-cold feeling;
  • “How To” text – only notices are too complicated for Kids and unlikely to be read by Parents;
  • Pharma Brand Marketing positioning as digital innovators


  • Augmented Reality video selfie of Patient’s Face with semi – transparent effect of nose clotted by a substance represented as friendly funny little monsters;
  • 3D animation of a Spray injection with hand pushing the button;
  • nose cleared, substance blown away in smoke!

Benefits for Patient fun, easy to understand, personal, reassuring.

Augmented Reality is a 120 B$ Market beyond chasing Pokémons!

Patients can describe their symptoms better through augmented reality

As discussed in Scientific Litterature, Patients often struggle when they need to describe their symptoms to their Doctors accurately. People may overreact a medical situation or belittle the problem.

Augmented Reality might be the answer for patient education. Using Apps with effects based on Face Augmented Reality, Doctors can show simulation of the face of a patient suffering from a specific condition.

Such Apps demonstrate the impact of a medical condition and thus help patients understand their symptoms and their actual medical state. If patients can experience the long-term effects of their lifestyle on their health, it could motivate people to make positive changes.

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