August 30, 2016

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Image for IPL page8 Teams =  1 Dream

Fan Engagement + Merchandising Sales + Sponsored Content: All-In-1

MoodMe inside your Sports digital properties will:

  • Engage Fans: Fans personalize their faces with masks and gadgets, shared in social media (ie Your SnapChat effects).
  • Sell your Clubs’ Merchandising: Fans wear merchandising in augmented reality, buy it in 1 click from Your mobile App.

Sell creative Ad formats to Your Sponsors now!

Today, only one company does that: SnapChat.

You too can do it now! With MoodMe Face SDK, offer personalized innovative effects to Your Sponsors as a value added or charge them.

Grab the chance to become the UNIQUE and ENGAGING cricketing team in the world! 

Game ON !!


Download                                                                                               Contact: Info @ Mood-Me DOT com

Demo App         LaunchIcon80                                                                                                SDK  download SDK

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