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Face Tracking when rotating Head
Note that the 3d skin scene is no more than a stub. 
The mesh deformation is driven by the landmarks and the whole mesh position and rotation is based on the matrix the tracker extrapolates from the landmarks. 
The mesh looks good in a centered position but tends to rotate too much on the edges, this depends on the unity camera fov that not matches real webcam fov. Changing the fov requires to change planes position accordingly. 
Auto-setup is in development but not ready yet.

changing the z scale to 0 in the line 301 of MoodMeSceneManager.cs
Vector3 scaleFactor = new Vector3((TRSValues[2].x) * initialScale.x, (TRSValues[2].y) * initialScale.y, 0);
will mitigate the issue, but then you have to change rotationFactor in the same script to accomodate rotations with a flat shape.

On the other hand landmarks work great because they are 2d landmarks, projected onto webcam plane and they don't suffer of camera fov.


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