October 28, 2015


Chandra de Keyser – Co-founder & CEO LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

Chandra-de-Keyser-MoodMe-Face-SDKChandra is a multicultural citizen of Spaceship Earth, speaks 7 languages. Belgian, he lives in Palo Alto (USA, heart of Silicon Valley), lived in Boston, NYC, Italy, England, Brazil and Luxembourg. He worked in startups and big corporations and strives to bring the best from both.

He started his career in the US East Coast, Boston Route 128, at KIEL on the first PDA with modem, touch LCD and 32 KB of RAM to develop home banking at Chemical Bank. In the 90s, he was project manager of large (MM$) international ICT projects at the European Commission and left a Job for Life to move to Brazil to build Internet companies which he successfully exited during the .COM bubble. In 2001, he founded www.comunicando.biz with Nokia EMEA Director and sold MM$ systems to Vodafone. Director Business Development at TRW Systems, Northrop Grumman, Software AG, he consistently overachieved sales targets of 20 M$/year on EU, Brazil Public Safety, telcos and finance markets.

He has an Engineering Degree, a Masters in International Relations from Brussels University and a Masters in Computer Science from Padova University, Italy.

Massimiliano Tarquini – Co-founder & CTO    LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

Massimiliano-Tarquini-MoodMe-Face-SDKMassimiliano is Italian, he lived in Norway and the UK doing security IT projects for NATO.

He is an IT Entrepreneur, a University Professor in Roma and an internationally renowned expert in artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

He ran the software factory for Enterprise Data Architects in the 2000.

He Founded and was CEO of 4IT, delivered complex ICT projects, top secret systems for NATO, SIRTI, solutions for Autostrade and Italian Government. He grew 4IT to 3 M€ and sold it in 2013 to focus on MoodMe.

Massimiliano is the author of the most famous book on Java in Italy. He also speaks 7 languages: C, C++, Java, SQL, Objective C, Swift, LISP but you can talk to him in English or Italian.

Alessandro Ligi, co – Founder & CIO  LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

ÑAlessandro is an Italian software engineer expert in software engineering lifecycle. 20+ years experiences designing systems and leading large ICT projects for Telco Wind, SIRTI, EDA and the Italian Digital Agency.

He founded & sold 2 IT companies. He is Professor at Rome University where he teaches Software engineering. He is quality assurance inspector for Accredia, Italian Authority. Co-author of the most famous Italian Java book.

Leonid Mesentsev, Lead Developer, Mathematics & Computer Science, Haifa University LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

Leonid[1]Leo was born in 1971 in Russia. After finishing high school in 1987, he immigrated to Israel. After serving the military in Infantry, Leo studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Haifa State University.

He moved to Italy and got married. He has 4 children and lives in Rome.
Big fan of all Apple products (both hardware and software) since the first Mac came out, Leo enjoys coding for iOS and OS X. He developed a Book Reader application that sells on the Mac App Store.

His preferred programming languages: Objective-C and C++. Preferred food: Italian.
Spoken languages: Russian (mother tongue), Hebrew, English, Italian.
He is Lead Developer for Front End iOS applications and tools for Artists who create MoodMe 3D gadgets.

Paolo Belardinelli, 3D Art Animations LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

paolo-ritrattoPaolo is a seasoned 3d artist and developer. He was born in Rome in the 1971 and started to do graphic since 1983 on his little Commodore Vic20. He studied and developed 3D algorithms when computers were able to do just 2D with a lot of effort. Followed the 3D evolution from the “big cabinet/slow” years to the “mobile/wear-the-cardboard” ones, always looking to do better and deliver even more.

He developed every kind of applications including games and wasted a lot of bits in photos, videos and animations.

Dmitry, OpenGL iOS Android Developer LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

dmitryDmitry is from cold Siberia and currently lives in Moscow. He is a C++, Swift, OpenGL developer.

He got his Bachelor and Master in Computer Science degrees in Novosibirsk State University in 2011.

Dmitry worked at Intel Compiler team and later switched to game development for mobile platforms. He worked in many game studios creating mobile games for iOS and Android and improved different game engines.

Dmitry plays football since he was 7 and is never going to stop. He also plays guitar and studies music composition.

Nailma Bispo, Business Development LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

IdentitéNailma is from warm Brazil and a Belgium resident for 10 years. She has experience in marketing, product promotion, trade shows and international business development from Europe to Brazil.

Nailma speaks English, French, Italian & Portuguese. She manages lead generation and supports sales.


Yohan Gombert, Business Development LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

Photo-cv-yohanYohan is in a Master’s in Business Management at La Rochelle University & has a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

He was born in Paris and he is passionate about the digital environment.

He plays Tennis and piano since he was 5 years & always has Mood attitude =)

Yohan is in charge of business development in the French market and is based in our new Paris office at Le Tremplin.

Guido Peters, CFO Corporate Development LinkedIn-Logo-02-300x300[1]

guido petersGuido has Economics Degrees from the University of Bonn & Tech University of Berlin. He started his career at BT, moved to Brazil as Director of Siemens Telecommunications Networks in charge of Business Development, M&A strategy. Back in Europe, he was Director of Business Line at EFKON, Automated Toll Systems & then VP Business Development Europe at XEROX ACS Intelligent Transport Systems. Guido is an active Business Angel and M&A Consultant operating all over Europe from Bonn. He is an early Investor in MoodMe & became MoodMe CFO in 2017.