October 30, 2015

Exciting MoodMe APP

moodme icon

MoodMe products are SDKs that you App Developers integrate into Apps.

Walk the Talk? Eat your own Dog Food? Done!

Here a a few exciting Apps that showcase the type of experiences you can create with MoodMe Face AR SDK.

MoodMe KomixFaces Personalized with Augmented Reality:moodme appmoodme appMoodme app

new-featureSmoke & Fire. Tears. POTUS!

Animals. Glasses. Sports Merchandising.

Share Videos in social media & instant messaging.Moodme app Apple


moodme iconLiving Portrait: Talking Emoticons with Your voice on Any face!

MoodMe automatically recognizes faces in static pictures and creates 3D interactive talking Living Portraits.

moodme appAdd emotions and your voice to the face of a friend, a Celebrity, even a Pet!

Share Videos in social networks and instant messaging.

Moodme app Apple

appIcon3MeeTube: Hyper Personalize the Tube! MeeTube App makes a Star of You and Me on the Tube!moodme app
Create a Face Mask with any picture or video.

Moodme app Apple

moodMeIOS-114Football Fan Brasil World Cup 2014: Dress up and Wear the Hair of your favorite Nation and share your passion with your friends!

Free App using face recognition and emotional 3D Living Portraits™. moodme appmoodme app


Moodme app Android