Real Time Emotion Detection AI

Detect a wide range of emotions, enabling you to gather precise insights from your customers or users, ensuring privacy and security across multiple devices.


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Why Emotion Detection?

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AI Face Emotions Insights

Use advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze facial emotions of people in real-time.
Join the Emotion Economy.

Detect faces showing seven different types of emotions: Happiness , Surprise, Afraid , Angry, Disgust, Sadness , Neutral. Each emotion detected is on a scale from 0-100.

Enhanced User Experience

Improve user experience by enabling personalized interactions and tailored content delivery.

Customer Insights and Market Research

Obtain valuable insights into customer preferences, emotional responses, and purchasing behavior.

Real-time Feedback

Monitor facial expressions and gestures, assessing their level of confidence, engagement, or nervousness.

No data is ever stored

Our algorithms are hyper optimized to run on any device. Including low-end smartphones, robots, and embedded systems. Al algorithms used to process face images run 100% locally on the user’s device. Faces are never stored and never sent to any cloud.

We put humans first. Our goal is to improve relations, remove bias, and make machines more emotionally intelligent to help us improve our lives.

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