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About Us

We empower organizations to deeply understand and positively influence real human emotions towards the experiences they offer, while prioritizing privacy with a strict no-data-storage policy.

Our mission is to lead the digital shift towards an Emotion Economy, offering advanced analytics and insights into human emotions to drive data-informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost engagement.

Meet the Team

Chandra de Keyser
Chandra de Keyser CEO
Chandra de Keyser founded the first U.S. PDA startup in the 1980s, leading to an exit with Palm. He also started a successful .com in Brazil. Mr. De Keyser is now expanding MoodMe, focused on customer satisfaction.
Tanja Jacobsen
Tanja Jacobsen CGO
Tanja Jacobsen has 15+ years of leadership experience in healthcare, fintech, biotech, cybersecurity, and tech. She specializes in SaaS startups and drives growth with innovative marketing strategies.
Scott Allen
Scott Allen CTO
Scott Allen has 18+ years of experience in data science and analytics, notably in start-ups and leading data architecture and insights at NCSOFT as VP. At EA, he shaped data strategies improving live services and data team skills.
Andre Esteves
Andre Esteves VP of Engineering
Andre Esteves is an experienced mobile app developer adept at using innovative technologies to solve problems and manage complex platforms.
Ari Lerner
Ari Lerner Chief Innovation Officer
Ari Lerner has 15+ years of experience in tech, AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity with leadership roles at EthTrust,, and Amazon Web Services. He's an innovative author with 9 books in his fields of expertise.
Morgan Murray
Morgan Murray VP Of Sales
Experienced Sales Leader with expertise in team building and project management in sports, finance, telecommunications, and software industries. Skilled in collaboration and relationship-building, with a history of delivering results in dynamic sectors. Enjoys hiking with his Australian Shepherd and coaching/playing soccer.
M. Austin James
M. Austin James Marketing Director
A seasoned marketing leader with over two decades of experience in high-tech consumer brands (smart home, IoT, AI), Austin has built and led high-performing marketing teams at industry leaders like Flo (acquired by Moen), Fortune Brands, and Ezlo, to name a few. Beyond the digital world, Austin enjoys juxtaposition, seeking fresh perspectives by fly fishing in mountain streams (flannel shirt optional).
Sebastian Algharaballi- Yanow
Sebastian Algharaballi- Yanow Machine Learning Engineer
Sebastian specializes in data science for decision-making and machine learning model development across tech sectors. He was a Data Science Ambassador at UC Irvine's Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences.
Jim Cipriani
Jim Cipriani Head Of Design
Jim has over 20 years of experience in product and user experience design, specializing in scaling startups and growth-stage companies. Proven track record in leading complex design strategy across retail, healthcare, and enterprise SaaS platforms.

MoodMe Advisors

Tom Rice
Tom Rice
Tom Rice is an MIT Ph.D. and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who started as an analyst at Stanford Research. He is a VC firm partner, CEO of ActiveSky, and mentor at MIT and Plug & Play. He sits on the boards of up-and-coming deep tech European startups that are growing in Silicon Valley.
Alison Murdock
Alison Murdock
Alison Murdock is an experienced marketing exec and entrepreneur with 25+ yrs scaling global teams in Silicon Valley/Europe. Past ventures include Social Chorus, Verto Analytics, 6sense, Gigaom, Red Herring. MoodMe's marketing strategy advisor since 2021.
Michael Cheney
Michael Cheney
Michael Cheney worked for 15 years at Coca-Cola in managing international business and sports marketing. He oversaw sports marketing for Coca-Cola brands, global sports sponsorship for Visa during the FIFA World Cup and NFL, and strategic partnerships at Symantec for the Major League Baseball.
Barron Ernst
Barron Ernst
Barron Ernst, UC Berkeley grad, has 20 years of experience in mobile products. Former Head of Mobile at IMVU, One Kings Lane. Now CPO of Zenly (a Snap, Inc. company) in Paris.
Shergul Arshad
Shergul Arshad
Shergul Arshad is the CCO of StatsBomb, a big data sports tech. He has a BA from Harvard, an MBA from Michigan, and experience in advertising (Young & Rubicam) and eBusiness (Amazon, eBay, and Time). He also founded MondoGoal (Exit) and was VP at DraftKings.

About Us

Originating from Luxembourg Technoport, MoodMe has expanded its horizons by joining the prestigious Plug & Play incubation program in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley, securing seed funding from angel investors across Silicon Valley and Europe.

Our international growth has been supported by significant grants from Luxembourg, France, and a substantial Walloon R&D grant of €800,000 through the Win2Wal program in collaboration with the Université de Mons. Committed to developing Unbiased AI with Ethics & Privacy at its core, we’ve partnered with Texas A&M University for research cooperation, setting the stage for global innovation in understanding and enhancing human emotional experiences.

Our Values

Humanity icon

We put humans first. Our goal is to improve relations, remove bias, and make machines more emotionally intelligent to help us improve our lives.​

Transparency icona

Trust and transparency are a virtuous circle. Transparency leads to trust. Trust is essential to happy, constructive, and productive teamwork.

Empathy icon

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes changes your point of view. See the world through some else’s eye to create a whole new perspective.

Customer Focus
Customer Focus

Without them, we would not exist. They sustain our viability. They deserve all our respect and care.


TNT: “Today, Not Tomorrow.” Time is of the essence.    


Learn by doing. Only those who don’t try don’t make mistakes.


Accepting our capacity to change our minds and our lives with a growth mindset.


Think creatively of opportunities for a third way, seek true win-win rather than two opposing possibilities.

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