2 billion vertebrates are killed on the road every year
Thousands of people die.
10s of billions of $ of damages.
Priceless deaths of loved pets.

Animal road accidents take staggering tolls: 2 billion vertebrates are killed on the roads every year. More on Wikipedia.

Thousands of people die as well, and 26.000 are injured in the USA alone.

In the USA, the top casualties are 41 million squirrels, 26 million cats, 22 million rats, 19 million opossums, 15 million raccoons, six million dogs, and 350,000 deer, according to the WorldAtlas. The damages are $8 billion.

We are launching our “Pet Project” (pun intended) to bring an end to this drama.

We believe with today’s advanced computer vision, AI technologies, humans can and should co-exist peacefully with animals, even on man-made roads.

We are pushing the frontiers of Vision AI to assist drivers with a soul.

Our AI will detect a broad range of animals species ahead of their vehicle faster and more accurately than humans.

Our product vision is smarter dashcams: cameras with embedded vision AI running on specialized chips, detecting the most frequent species of animals, from large Mammals, to Birds, Reptiles in real-time, providing both an alert to the driver and generating custom noises to scare off the animal ahead.

We are open to cooperating with like-minded people: people who care about the mission to save animals and people from tragic accidents.

We are looking for passionate people who want to mix technology & ecology.

Apply for the job of your dreams and join our fight to save lives now!

  • Data Scientist: you will create the first datasets, specialized on common species, then growing into more & more species, to help build our first AI models.
  • Chief AI 4 Good: you will train AI models and perfect them in terms of speed & precision.
  • VP Engineering: you will build our tech platform, test our AI models with real-life scenarios, build Apps with Vision AI models, deploy them in Third Party camera manufacturers.
  • Chief Marketing: you will raise awareness, support fund raising communication, reach out to Donors & foster community collaborations worldwide.
  • Chief Design: you will create impactful and visually appealing communications: graphics, multimedia, video.

We believe in the power of small highly motivated teams, volunteers, academia, research, NGOs, public & private sector all have a role to play.

In addition to developing vision AI to prevent accidents, we are also trying to get a better understanding of the size of the problem: where do animals die, when, … Using vision AI on video footage collected by a network of partners.

If you want to contribute to help us tackle the problem, please reach out: [email protected] and let’s talk.