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Privacy & Ethics

MoodMe is proudly founded and anchored in ethics and privacy as a top priority in our AI development. We believe that AI must serve society as a tool for improvement without compromise and we are committed to being at the forefront of Unbiased AI.

Ethics by Design

Unbiased AI is a much talked about topic. MoodMe walks the walk. We are committed to ethical, unbiased AI.

AI Founded with Ethics First

2015: From day 1, we trained our first face tracker with Machine Learning using our own data sets with a balanced mix of genders, ages, and ethnicities.

2022: We now apply deep learning to create edge AI, compressed neural networks capable of detecting emotions, gender, age, and ethnicity.

Our data sets are large  (1M+ faces) and we continue to monitor their composition to ensure they meet the most stringent diversity criteria.

Our emotion detection algorithms detect emotions with the same precision on faces from any ethnicity.

Privacy by Design

MoodMe algorithms are hyper optimized by design to run on edge devices. Our algorithms even on low-end smartphones, robots, and embedded systems.

All algorithms processing face images run 100% locally on the device which faces the enduser. No faces are stored, ever. Not even locally. And of course, faces are not sent to the Cloud.

Size matters when it comes to limited computing environments. We have different algorithms for face tracking, emotion detection, etc. with a total size of a few MB.

Savings by Design to respect your wallet

Sending data to the Cloud seems logical: Storage & computing power are unlimited. So is the invoice coming from your provider!

A company with 100.000 1-hour videos pays > $100.000 / month for a Cloud AI API. To which you need to add the bandwidth costs.

MoodMe edge AI runs on end-user devices and optimizes the face analytics load to run simultaneously with other applications such as MS Office and Video conferencing to provide the same results at zero cost.

On top of that, MoodMe is instantaneous. Get real-time alerts and analytics.

More on Ethical & Private AI

Learn more about MoodMe’s approach to AI ethics and security.

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