Research & Development

Unbiased AI

We have put extensive R&D into our AI from the start. We strive to provide our customers with cutting edge technology that will put them ahead of their competitors. Deep learning and neural networks are key to our AI and have been proven effective through our academic excellence.

Deep Learning

Continuous improvements of data models. Enriched annotations of proprietary data sets.

Academic Partnership

Academic excellence & Research partnership

Neural Networks

Compressed Neural Nets optimized to run on Device

Patents & IP

2 US Patent issued in 2018 & 2019, with priority date 2012!
4 patents pending on Face AI, AR, Emotion detection.

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

MoodMe new 2020 generation of face technologies is live. MoodMe applies Deep Learning on very large image data sets.

MoodMe owns proprietary data bases and uses public data sets as well. We apply semi – supervised data quality improvement.

MoodMe owns proprietary data bases and uses public data sets as well. We apply semi – supervised data quality improvement.

Data sets are annotated with those face characteristics of interest: landmarks, emotions (7 base emotions plus subtle emotions and micro expressions as of 2020), gender, age, ethnicity as well as recognition/identification and detection of face attributes (beard, mustache, hat, eyewear).

MoodMe Optimizes Neural Networks and applies the most recent compression techniques such as pruning. MoodMe combines the best proprietary neural networks with open frameworks like TensorFlow.

Academic Excellence, Research, IP & Patents

MoodMe co-Founders are University Professors specialized in AI, big data, and international serial entrepreneurs.

Academic partnerships with Université de Mons & Texas A&M University College Station, TX, enable MoodMe to stay ahead of the curve with the most advanced research topics in AI. Read the Press Release of Texas A&M Engineering.

MoodMe started protecting its Intellectual Property before it shipped its first product: MoodMe priority dates on our patents is February 2012.

As of 2021, US PTO has issued 2 Patents – US 10,347,028 (2019) & 9,870,636 (2018) – covering AI, AR, emotion detection, eCommerce & Advertising scenarios. 4 additional patents are pending covering AR filters adaptive to the emotions.

Be a Part of AI History

MoodMe is proud to partner with universities and research institutions to develop unbiased, ethical AI. Join our research partners in making AI that works for humanity.