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FIFA Women’s World Cup, France


AR filters to empower fans to paint their faces with their country’s flag.

24 original Augmented Reality experiences, each with a local touch to resonate with the country’s fans.

Selfies were shared > 1.500.000 times in social media by fans before, during, and after the World Cup.

AR experiences were instrumental in the user acquisition campaign of a special Mobile App created for the WC, generating > 1.3 M downloads.

Users returned in average 1.4 times to create selfies and share them.

Watch the official teaser of FIFA featuring top football players from most of the 24 participating nations.

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Qatar Airways “Send us a smile and we send you to Qatar” campaign at FIFA Club World Cup


MoodMe worked with FIFA & Qatar Airways during all phases: ideation, development, testing, production, go live & analyze.

AI Detection:

  • User smiles: when a happy emotion is detected, the experience starts
  • Gender detection: apply a personalized jersey respecting woman/man morphology

Augmented Reality Filters:

  • animated 3D model of Airbus 350 with Qatar Airways brand flying in the sky
  • background removal to immerse user in the Doha skyline
  • 360° picture: smartphone orientation changes the Doha background
  • Depending on local time of day: confetti falling from the sky (day) or fireworks (night)

User Journey:

  • Creation of a video selfie and sharing in the Social Media of choice, with a predefined #hashtag
  • Participation in a contest to win a trip to Qatar, air ticket & hotel—all inclusive
  • Share the selfie to win a ticket to Qatar!
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100%Fat, Netherlands &

Wien Technisches Museum

User – friendly experience deployed at robotics & AI exhibition at TMW – Technisches Museum Wien.

BabyX is a virtual baby who responds to the emotions portrayed by the user.

The goal is to demystify the concepts of artificial intelligence. ⁣

⁣Face AI emotion & augmented reality software by MoodMe. Creation by 100%Fat, Dutch digital agency in Enschede.


Georgia State University


Professor Sheldon Schiffer, head of the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. Professor Schiffer teaches game development, animation, acting, screenwriting, and visual effects. Furthermore, he is conducting research on video games design and development.

His research focuses on the emotions of video gamers. How can an objective analysis of the emotional journey of video gamers help design better games? What scenes cause stress, boredom, angriness, or surprise and delight? Another area of research is the “performance” capture of actors toward the “emotionally intelligent” behavior of autonomous animated characters in games and moving image production.

MoodMe provided the AI-suite of emotion analytics tools for platforms such as Unity3D, Win10, and Web, based on Emotion analytics edge AI and access to Vimotions emotional insights SaaS platform to collect and analyze data.

Guess by Paul Marciano


MoodMe developed a full-body 3D Avatar for virtual look experiences.

The concept is the dialog between the consumer & the fashion consultant to try different items.

The 3D model was personalized with the consumer’s own face characteristics (hair length & color, skin tone) and learned to express emotions from the facial expressions of the user. Items included different tops, bottoms, accessories & shoes. The selected platform is Unity for Web & Windows in a first prototype.

Watch the Teaser | Experience on Web.

The concept is available for other fashion brands as MoodMe owns the IP.

Houston Dynamo BBVA Launchpad

MoodMe won the Houston Dynamo BBVA Launchpad, the innovation competition 2019 edition.

MoodMe brings new digital revenues & fan engagement with AR filters that run inside Sports mobile apps & websites.

Watch our winning Pitch and the Award Ceremony during halftime of Houston Dynamo – LA Galaxy!

Nissan Automotive assistant Avatar

MoodMe developed a prototype of talking Avatar for driver assistance.

The concept is a talking Avatar with realistic facial expressions and lip movements in sync with speech.

Watch Avatar1 | Avatar2 | Avatar3.

The concept is available for other Automotive companies as MoodMe owns the IP.

GUCCI Animoji to celebrate Chinese NY of the Dog

Gucci reached out again to MoodMe to create an experience to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog.

The experience lived inside Gucci Mobile App and was a global hit.

Look at the LA Times article!

Users could record a video clip with their voice & their facial expressions were transferred to the Dog 3D model in real-time.

Additional goodies made the experience cuter & more delightful: the Dog’s ears were flexible & flexed when the head moved fast.

Animoji Democracy! The Dog ran on any smartphone, without the depth cam of iPhone X & more recent models.

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Body Worlds

MoodMe created a complete Face Augmented experience for BODY WORLDS in London and Amsterdam.

A Photobooth allows Visitors to “plastinate” their face into a Body World character and print out a special souvenir.

It is a pleasure to see customers printing money with the help of our products.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci wanted “Snapchat filters” to promote their “Luna Monsters” perfume collection to a young audience.

On the Web to avoid friction of App download. Users generated their “Monster” selfie and shared them with #FREETHEMONSTER in Instagram & Facebook. The campaign ran in 2018 from France to Russia, Mexico, Switerland & Chile and drove traffic to eTailers.

MoodMe deployed a Face AR SaaS on PUIG, Nina Ricci parent company, data center. Experience your monster here.

ATT Final Four

MoodMe created a complete Face Augmented experience for AT&T and LG in partnership with MKTG and LookListen.

It was an amazing success as > 14.000 fans registered using LG tablets deployed at the Phoenix Venue.

Fans created selfies with the face paints and masks, cheering for their basketball Stars and shared them via social media and on ATT Fan Zone Wall generating > 1 M view.


MoodMe Face Augmented Reality experiences enables fully realistic virtual try on, integrated in the Brand Mobile App of Gucci.

The Apps feature 3D models of the Glasses applied to the user’s face in real time with full respect of textures & colors of the high end materials used by the Top Brand.

Users can share video selfie in social media and buy in 1 Click.

Brand catalogue are created automatically by MoodMe tool which creates Glasses 3D models with 2 pictures per model or CAD files.

Glaxo GSK

MoodMe & New York Agency bMuse created an educational experience using AR & Face Tracking for Glaxo GSK.

The use case was for Doctors to show to children patients their face in video selfie, with causes and symptoms of allergies.

This creative education campaign had huge impactful thanks to gamification: allergens were depicted as little monsters who could find their way into the child’s nose (thanks to face tracking).

The cure appears with a creative spray animation of Flonase (TM) which cleans the patient’s sinus, making the effects of allergies disappear in an engaging & fun experience.

Rémy Cointreau

Cointreau Brand Activation experience deployed Face Augmented Reality effects on Photobooths in cocktails parties all over France.

Face filters were inspired by the famous liqueur flavoured with orange skins: orange blossom crown in the hair & orange peels earrings.

Users registered to create their video to then share them in social media with a #Hashtag. For each Video shared, Cointreau committed to plant a tree in Sénégal to fight desertification and help local farmers grow food.


Airtime is THE group video chat app: Live message, talk and watch YouTube videos, listen to music on Spotify, share stories & see friends react – together. Airtime uses Face triggers, emotions, AR to create meaningful & innovative experiences.

Airtime is backed by Sean Parker (first Investor in Facebook) & Accel.

Ifwe Tagged (MeetMe)

Dating with a Mask? Spicing your video chat & your profile picture… breaking the ice.

Make your first steps with a Don Juan mask or send a Valentine filter to your new date?

Chill out & discover the new dating experience enhanced by face augmented reality & emotions detection.

European Commission

The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union, the guardian of the Treaties. As such, its mission contemplates communicating to European Citizen about the European Project.

To enrich the dialogue with the citizen, the EC is now speaking the language of the Young Generations: Smartphone Mobile Apps with Augmented Reality Face effects. Welcome to the EU Snap generation!

AS Roma

AS ROMA Living Portraits(TM) are the first Sports Animoji. Players & Fans animated with emotions, wearing gadgets, shared in social media. Think of “Figurine Panini” alive!

MoodMe and AS Roma, the great “giallo rossi“, jointly created this fan engagement augmented reality App featuring Players, Legends and User Generated Content.

Stanford University

The Empathy Mirror is a project that enables individuals to reflect on their own understanding of empathy, experienced through art, design, and technology. The objective is to build a prototype of an asymmetric mirror that will explore how technology can impact one’s perception of themselves. Stanford project team selected MoodMe face recognition & face tracking technology to apply augmented reality effects which simulates aging. MoodMe provided a Windows10 version of its face tracker SDK combined with Unity 3D engine. This product is capable of rendering Augmented Reality effects on a virtual mirror on video or photographs.

MoodMe also developed realistic aging effects for this project conducted at the Center for Design Research, led by Dr. Rieko Yajima and Professor Larry Leifer and supported by funding from the National Academy of Sciences Keck Futures Initiative.


SelfieYo is a location-based photo and video chat app which displays photos based on your location. After snapping photos, people may vote on selfies and chat with others in the area.

Selfies and chat drive social around the world. MoodMe, the world’s leading Face AR platform for mobile developers, and SelfieYo have partnered to create a unique brand activation solution that combines cutting-edge computer vision technology with SelfieYo’s location-based chat app for iPhone and Android.

“Working with MoodMe has been a great way for us to augment our team’s skills in computer vision and face tracking, which is obviously critical in the selfie space! We believe the combination of great developer tools from MoodMe with applied brand experiences in SelfieYo is win for everyone,” said Thompson.

Get SelfieYo on the App Store.

The Magic 5

TheMagic5 are custom fitted swimming goggles: one-size-shall-fit-only-one.
The key differentiator is the fit and feel of the goggles custom made for each buyer using an app to do a complete facial scan.
TheMagic5 proprietary fitting technology and skilled production team take care of the rest.

Look Listen

MoodMe & Look listen team up to create new frontier interactive experiences.

Look Listen is a full-service digital marketing agency in Atlanta and Denver that helps brands solve problems and transform ideas into valuable, awesome things. Look Listen has created a Digital Panic Room where visitors must find cues to find the exit, or stay prisoners.


Advantal from India has developed Xocizm Game for Bright Horizon from Abu Dhabi using MoodMe Face AR.

Xocizm reveals your inner demons and shows the menacing spirits that are haunting you and your friends. Once the spirit is revealed, you should be able to see it’s face on yours. You will no longer be the same. The evil spirit must be defeated using the available ancient spells and then prisoned and chained until it’s released again.


South China University of Technology

South China University of Technology (SCUT) is a major public research university in China, located in Guangdong. It is a multidisciplinary university focusing on engineering and science.

SCUT uses MoodMe face tracking & AR for research in the future of beauty retail, in particular cosmetics and hair products.


Chemical and pharmaceutical company.

Brand activation with rejuvenating, oldifying & fun filters.

Kiosks on booths at trade shows in France.

Hello.IO Russia

Hello.io uses MoodMe multi face tracking AI software to create avatars / animoji and animate characters.

Hello.io is Russia’s leading creative digital technologies agency.
They deploy real – life experiences in Museum, Trade Shows and open air exhibition parks.
Hello.io excells at combining digital and physical – phygital – to entertain, educate and activate brands.