Disney Elevator Pitch at Tower of Terror

On May 3rd, MoodMe was invited to live magic moments at EuroDisney among 10 startups.

An elevator pitch in a rather special …elevator: the Tower of Terror! We had to deliver our message while sweating in free fall!! Thank you Disney for the opportunity & adrenaline! Watch:

MoodMe proposes Magic Experiences Measured: Augmented Reality & Animoji like Yoda animated by your facial expressions & talking with your voice.

Combined with the measurement of the Emotional Journey: emotions, attention & detection of demographics : age, gender, even identification of returning customers.

GDPR note: Privacy is protected: faces are not stored, they are processed to extract the meaning. From the meaning it is impossible to recalculate the image of the face. These algorithms are protected by one of the US Patents that MoodMe owns.

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