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Unity Developer SDK – Getting Started


The MoodMe Unity Emotion Detection SDK is an extension of the MoodMe SDK. It is capable of detecting up to 7 different emotional states of a person detected in a video stream. Each emotion is output as a number from 0 to 100, which together sum to less than 100 as the subject’s facial emotions change.

  • Happiness
  • Surprised
  • Afraid
  • Angry
  • Disappointed
  • Sad
  • Neutral

Step 1: Import MoodMe Plugin into Unity IDE #

After downloading the MoodMe Package from the Unity Asset Store, from Unity Editor select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package, then browse to the download location of the MoodMe Package.

The package will create the following files and folders under Assets

After the import you will get some errors: don’t panic! Open the readme file and review.

Step 2: Install additional supporting packages #

Search for and install the Unity BURST Compiler version >= 1.3.4
via Window > Package Manager, then select “Packages: Unity Registry”.

Then install Unity Barracuda version >= 1.3.2 but <= 2.4 following the instructions provided here for Unity Barracuda v1.3.3-preview. For different versions of Unity Barracuda, please navigate to the appropriate version documentation at the same link.

For example, to utilize the Unity Package Manager to import Barracuda version v1.3.3-preview, with the project closed we open the manifest.json file and add the line

"com.unity.barracuda": "1.3.3-preview",

and then open the project file in Unity Editor.

Lastly, using the Unity Package Manager for the project, check for TEXTMESHPRO >= 3.0.4 This is usually installed with Unity 2020 but if you have removed it in your project then you have to install again to run the demo scene. This package is not mandatory to use the plugin in your scenes.

Step 3: Open Demo Scene #

Now in the MoodMe Unity Package, navigate to “Scenes > Demo” to open the Demo scene.

You may be asked to Import TMP (TextMeshPro) Essentials. If so, click on Import then close popup window.

Now go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Script Execution Order and verify that the screen looks like the below screenshot:

Now if you press the Play button, the application will open your webcam and start to track your face and detect your emotions.

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