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Increase Engagement, Retention & Conversion:
AR Filters + Face AI

Augmented Reality face filters are the most engaging format. They are interactive, full of surprises & users become the actors: User Generated Content gets propagated in social media.

Monetize with Sponsored filters in your digital universe, like Snapchat who sells Lenses for 1 M$ a day.

Users animate their In-Game characters or Animoji with their facial expressions & emotions.

Measure engagement, emotional journey & demographics to gather insights.

MoodMe empowers Apps to create an Augmented Reality experience.

Discover how we help Apps like Tagged, Ifwe, Hi5, SelfieYo, YABB, SelfiKon, Xocizm… among more than 80 Customers.


Apps need to engage to retain their users

App fatigue

No insights on users’ emotional journeys


Augmented Reality Face Filters & Animoji

Your Snapchat for Your audience, user generated content

Face Insights of your customers



  • Fun, memorable
  • Interactive, Social
  • Special deals AR promotions


  • Engage and Retain your Users
  • Personalized experiences lead to¬†loyalty
  • Free publicity from user generated content
  • Know your Users: Insights on emotional journey & demographics


  • Engage and Retain your Users
  • Users interact with their Face
  • Innovative User Experience
  • Know your Users: Insights on emotional journey & demographics
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Freedom to Create Your Filters for Your Universe

  • Unleash Your Imagination and create Augmented Reality filters that your users love.
  • Face Masks, 3D Props, smoke & particles of all shapes.
  • Animated Scenes.
  • Face triggers.