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Virtual Try On of Cosmetics & Makeup
Skin imperfections detection & smoothing

  • Realistic virtual mirror.
  • Skin smoothing.
  • Ageing & rejuvenating effects.
  • Simulation of skin pathology treatment.
  • Fluid rendering at >70 frames per second on medium range Smartphone.
  • Robust to bad lighting conditions & head rotations.

Experience MoodMe: App

Augmented Beauty for your Customers

Insights on their tastes

People need to discover their new looks before they buy new cosmetics.

Engage them with engaging Augmented Beauty experiences on their mobile or in store.

Let your customers share their looks and buy your product in 1 click.

Measure their emotional journey & gather insights.

MoodMe empowers Beauty Brands with amazing Augmented Reality experiences that delight their Customers and gather Insights.

MoodMe won Cosmetics Victories 2018, the award for the innovative industrial project of Frances Cosmetics Valley.


People #StayHome & want to buy

Painful cosmetics try on experience

Slow process

Lack of data on your Customers’ tastes


Connect with your #StayHome customers

Virtual try on in Augmented Reality

Switch beauty product in 1 click, share look in Social

Insights & personalized choice



  • #StayHome frictionless click to buy
  • Realistic, fun, memorable, interactive
  • Get Social feedback before you buy
  • Share selfie in social media


  • Survive #Lockdown by shifting to delightful online sales channel
  • Grow sales with virtual try on for your #StayHome customers
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Build brand equity with user generated content

Retailers & eCommerce

  • Shift to online sales delight to survive #Lockdown
  • Grow sales to people who #StayHome
  • Increase average basket size, reduce cart abandonment
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Experiential & Innovative

MoodMe, winner of French Cosmetics Valley 2018 competition, delivers high precision, human touch, virtual mirror experiences for makeup, cosmetics, hair style & eyewear.

MoodMe combines augmented reality to create magic experiences and face analytics to measure them. Brands know what demographics (age, gender, ethnicity) is touched emotionally by what experience.

Our Founders are technologists and university professors specialized on how to apply Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning to understand the human face in all its subtleties and personalize it with the highest precision Augmented Reality effects. MoodMe Augmented Beauty solution selected by Cosmetics Valley creates the most realistic virtual try-on of makeup, hair styles and cosmetics on live video by recognizing hundreds of facial features with the highest accuracy, respecting people’s face morphologies a cross all ethnicities. Deep Learning training of neural networks involves a combination of proprietary data sets from across the Globe combined with Public data sets, all harmonized by our team of data scientists in the context of 2 University Cooperation.