Experiential Retail

Engage your Customers and convert them on your Web, Mobile or in Store
Virtual Try On: frictionless shopping experiences

People check their Mobile 2 Trillion times a day.

Engage your Customers with Virtual Try On of Eyewear in Augmented Reality. Convert them in 1 click.

MoodMe empowers Eyewear Brands, eCommerce & Retailers with Augmented Reality experiences on the mobile, web & in Store and provides Insights on emotional journeys & demographics.


Painful Glasses try on experience

Time consuming process

No Insights on your Customers’ tastes

No recommendation based on face characteristics


Try on in Augmented Reality

Switch model in 1 click, share look in Social

Insights on Customers’ preferences

Predictive personalized recommendations



  • #StayHome frictionless click to Buy
  • Realistic, fun, memorable, interactive
  • Get Social feedback before you buy
  • Share selfie in social media


  • Survive Lockdown by shifting to delightful online sales channel
  • Grow sales with virtual try on
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Build brand equity with user generated content

Retailers & eCommerce

  • Shift to online sales delight to survive #Lockdown
  • Grow sales to people who #StayHome
  • Increase average basket size, reduce cart abandonment
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Experiential & Innovative
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The most accurate Virtual Try On

  • Hyper realistic virtual mirror. Smooth rendering.
  • Most accurate. Robust to rotations of >80°.
  • Perfect even under bad lighting and white backgrounds.
  • Face Tracked at >70 frames per second on iPhone 7.
  • Robust to occlusions.

Augmented Beauty is shaping eCommerce

Investments are pouring in for retailers who are considering utiliz ing AR for more than just games. AR has the capacity to upgrade the shopping experience as we know it.

Meet them where they are

When Walmart failed to recognize the potential of the internet 20 years ago, Amazon claimed a significant portion of the chain’s retail audience.

The VR and AR boom might be as transformational as the dawn of eCommerce. Retailers can’t ignore the shift in technology and consumer demand. The biggest hurdle customers face is determining whether a certain product is right for them. AR offers shoppers the confidence that can motivate purchasing decisions. Retailers should be looking for ways to integrate AR into their stores. A move like this will motivate customers to simultaneously look at the actual physical product via smartphone.

MoodMe Face Augmented Reality empowers Fashion Brands and eCommerce providers to sell eyewear, make-up, face paint, hats, ear rings, etc. allowing their Customers to try them on virtually, share their look by video to get feedback and make a decision to purchase that can be done in a single click all from within their mobile app.