public health #stayhome

Public Health #StayHome campaigns: promote safe behaviour

Boost morale with AR experiences personalized by user’s positive emotions

Augmented Reality is the most powerful experiential format.

AR, known from social media fun Apps, are enthusiastically adopted by public authorities and healthcare stakeholders.

Face filters foster safe behaviours: MoodMe #StayHome wear a mask.

They also boost morale: #FightCorona filter let’s the user interact with the Corona virus with her facial expressions. Guess how you can defeat Corona? with Positive Emotions!

All MoodMe filters are free of charge to help fight COVID-19 pandemia.

More meaningful interactions are brought to users thanks to MoodMe patent pending adaptive face eXperiences which personalizes AR filters to the user’s emotions, gender and age.

Discover how MoodMe has helped Brands, Public Authorities and Academia: 70+ Customers.


Health stakeholders need to create impact

Traditional campaigns are not effective

No insights on audience reached


Augmented Reality is the format of the Experience Economy

AR Mobile is the format of digital natives

Emotional & demographics feedback on audiences



  • Engaging & memorable
  • Shareable in social media
  • Boost morale with positive, fun messages

Public Authorities

  • Engaging communications
  • The language of the digital target audience
  • Increase morale of public
  • Grow awareness of safe behaviours
  • Insights on campaign impact: emotions, psychographics, demographics

Health Stakeholders

    • Engage digital target audience
    • Increase morale & raise awareness
    • Grow brand equity
    • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Insights on campaign: emotions & demographics
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Wear a Mask: raise awareness
Defeat a Corona: boost morale

A filter to let anybody use her/his face to promote wearing a mask.
NB: The filter adapts to your gender!

An interactive AR experience where you are near a Covid virus.
Animate it with your facial expressions. It reacts to your mood!
Hint: Smile to defeat it!

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Promote safe behaviours, raise awareness, boost morale

  • AR interactive campaigns: the public is the actor!
  • Your audience shares content: virality.
  • Promote positive mindset & grow awareness: filters personalized with emotions.
  • Appeal to younger audiences.