Loyalty. Recurrence + Insights

  • Turn your loyalty app into an experiential destination.
  • Grow engagement, retention with branded augmented reality filters.
  • Create on the fly brand activations, social media contests and promotions.
  • Gamify your self-service KIOSKs.
  • Gather insights on emotional responses & demographics.

Loyalty Apps are your main touch point with your customers in the Covid confined World.

Enrich the online ordering experience with Augmented Reality filters and offer rewards to your best brand ambassadors.

MoodMe Augmented Reality face experiences are personalized in real time by the user’s emotions, gender, age.

Brands like Coca-Cola, ATT, Cointreau, Qatar Airways, Gucci, Gatorade… chose MoodMe to enrich their digital universe.

MoodMe measures your customers’ engagement, their emotional journey, attention & demographics and delivers unique insights.

Discover how MoodMe can help your Brand like our 70+ Customers.

Here is a AR face filter demo that you can try it out!


Loyalty App is standard, undifferentiated

No engagement, no emotional connections

No customers data is captured


Gamification with Branded Augmented Reality filters constantly updated

Memorable, fun & unique to your brand

Insights on your customers



  • Fun, experiential, memorable
  • Earn rewards interacting with your brand
  • Unique promotional deals in 1 Click


  • Improve customers experiences and grow their loyalty
  • Grow sales
  • Richer & more frequent interactions with your customers
  • Insights on engagement and demographics
  • Build brand equity with user generated content
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Grow Loyalty with AR branded experiences

Your Customers interact with your Brand and become more loyal.
Branded product placement in 3D animations.
New: Background removal amazing effects.
User generated content propagated in social media.
Grow brand awareness. Appeal to younger audiences.

Augmented Reality experiences grow loyalty

Augmented Reality experiences enable your customers to interact with your Brand and grow a more intimate relation.

Loyalty increases when your customers earn rewards for sharing content in social media.

MoodMe offers unique experiences for each brand:

  • Pixel perfect experiences
  • Any Platform: Mobile, Web, Photobooth, Tablet
  • Customizable: you are in control
  • Amazing customer support
  • 365 days / year for a few $10 K – 100 K$ based on true audience measurements as opposed to > $ 1M / day on Snapchat;
  • AR personalized by users’ emotions, gender & age.
  • Engagement & demographics metrics.
  • Insights to optimize campaign ROI in real time.

Augmented Reality is extremely popular with a wide range of consumers.

When the experience resonates with your loyal customers, it is for everyone !

Three-Dimensional Thinking

Branded Augmented Reality opens up a new range of possibilities. Viewers can see ads in their peripheral vision with richer details.

Brands Augmented Reality is a new Storytelling Medium

Marketers are all telling stories. AR gives you an immersive platform to tell a story of deep content, gamified features to people. These stories bring consumers into unique experiences. While we assess the Return on Investment of AR, we connect it with the brand story and our owned properties to show value through engagement and brand affinity.

The technology, popularized in 2016 by the Pokémon Go craze, has carved out its place in events and savvy brand marketing campaigns.

Unexpected Interactions

Augmented Reality activations adds a totally new dimension of excitement to an average situation. For instance, top Brands staged an augmented reality stunt to immerse commuters in “Magical Moments” campaigns in Asia. The brand converted a standard bus stop vestibule into its own activation footprint featuring a live “poster.” Although the poster appeared transparent at first glance, those who kept their eyes peeled were soon met by AR versions of their favorite Disney characters, from Mickey Mouse to Simba to Sofia the First. Talk about a unique and magical experience.