Augmented Customer Experience.

Insights from emotional responses.

Retail in the “next normal” will be experiential. Augmented Reality unlocks Phygital.

Empower your customers with a touchless virtual try-on of eyewear, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and jewelry.

Reduce sales staff costs: Let them discover their new looks.

Social media shares grow your brand equity.

Turn engagement metrics & demographics into insights.

Discover how we help Eyewear & Cosmetics Retailers & Brands among our 80+ Customers.



Retailers need to provide memorable experiences to compete

Friction & wait reduce purchases

Lack of understanding of Customers’ behaviour leads to low loyalty


Memorable experiences, Augmented Reality virtual try on

Fun, self service, instant purchase

Insights on Customers emotional journeys & demographics



  • Realistic, fun, memorable
  • Faster path to purchase and gratification.
  • Unique promotional deals in 1 Click


  • Engage and grow sales
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Build brand equity with user generated content
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics


  • Engage and entertain Customers
  • Grow sales, reduce sales staff cost
  • Lure people in your Stores, increase foot traffic
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Insights on Consumers: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics