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Brands spend $1 B/day on Mobile Ads which is already > 50% of total Ad spent. The share of mobile continues to grow.

Transform your digital platforms into experiential destinations for your passionate audiences. Run Sponsors’ campaigns and engage your fans.

MoodMe AR+AI experiences capture insights on fans’ preferences & demographics while respecting their Privacy.

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Low retention
Weak digital revenues
Friction in Merchandise sales
Lack of reliable Fans data


Authentic Augmented Reality fan experiences.
Sponsors interactive activations. Revenue shared for Clubs, Leagues & IRH.
Contactless merchandise eCommerce with Virtual Try-On
Big data: Insights. Fans profiles. Personalization for campaigns optimized ROI.



  • Free to use
  • Fun, interactive & memorable
  • Social sharing
  • Unique deals with Click to Buy


  • Augmented Reality Fan Engagement increases loyalty
  • Personalized unique experiences
  • New digital revenues from innovative Sponsors activations
  • Merchandise sales with virtual try on
  • Insights: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics


  • A safe place for your Advertising dollars: pure passion of fans for their sports. Build brand equity
  • High engagement: 3 min / day average interaction with AR.
  • Social Media reach through user generated content: 1.3 M selfies shared at FIFA Women’s World Cup, 840.000 at ATT Final Four


“MoodMe brought delight to AS Roma fans who had never lived such digital experiences before.”

Shergul Arsad

Head of Digital @ AS Roma

“MoodMe creates unique fan engagement AND gives you the data you need to be successful in today’s market.”

Michael Cheney

VP Rakuten, ex VP Sports Marketing Coca-Cola

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept

Activate Sponsors with AR

  • Immersive experiences in Augmented Reality: fans interact with your Brand.
  • Your Brand + Merchandise virtual try on.
  • Maximize returns with a passionate fan base. 100% fun.
  • Stay away from racism, hate speech & harmful content.