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Augmented Reality filters for Tourism & Culture

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Engage your customers with amazing Augmented Reality filters & immersive virtual backgrounds.

Entice them to write stories about your city, region, country, or cultural landmarks so you grow in social media.

MoodMe introduces the next generation of Augmented Reality face experiences with Face Segmentation and Background Removal. Brands like Qatar Airways, Cointreau, and Gucci, and cities like Rome, Doha, Houston, and Paris… chose MoodMe to enrich their digital universe.

MoodMe can optionally provide you with insights on visitors sentiment & demographics thanks to AI metrics that respect their privacy. Learn more.

Discover how MoodMe can help your Touristic or Cultural destination like our 80+ Customers.


Tourism & Culture need to engage Millenials & Gen-Z

Boring Touristic Apps

No data on visitors


Augmented Reality immersive experiences

Fun & memorable user-generated content

AI Insights on Visitors



  • Realistic, fun, memorable
  • Interactive, Social
  • Unique promotional deals in 1 Click


  • Associate their brands with culture
  • Partnerships with Public Authorities, Tourism & Culture
  • Promote Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Build brand equity with user-generated content

Tourism & Culture Authorities

  • Project a modern image
  • Adapt the media to the audience
  • Engage visitors before they come
  • Grow revenues with innovative AR experiences
  • Gather Insights on Visitors