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Ethical AI

What is Ethical AI?

Over the past few years with a rapid expansion of AI into the business scene, a need to implement ethics for AI-related business practices rose.

When adopting AI, it is important for businesses to be cognizant and aware of ethical guidelines.

The AI code of Ethics is a set of practices designed to provide guidance in the implementation of AI.

Ethical AI is a mutual agreement between the AI developers and users.

Why Ethical AI is Important

Poorly handled AI implementation, bias and mismanaged data are guaranteed to lead to undesirable results.

AI’s code of ethics is a valuable asset to:

How MoodMe Develops and Deploys Ethical AI Solutions

Our Diverse Database

Impartial AI is a hotly debated topic. MoodMe turns words into actions.

Since day one, in 2015, MoodMe has trained the first facial tracker with machine learning using its datasets with a balanced mix of genders, ages, and ages.

Now in 2021, MoodMe is now applying deep learning to create cutting edge AI compressed neural networks capable of detecting emotions, gender, age, and ethnicity.

Why Large Datasets are Important

People are diverse. To capture and analysis all faces while mitigating bias, large and continually growing datasets are necessary to ensure ethical AI practices. MoodMe’s databases consists of over 1 million faces that are consistently monitored to ensure they meet the strictest diversity criteria.

Emotion detection algorithms detect emotions with the same precision on the faces of all ethnicities. Ethical AI is equalized across all people.

Privacy First

Ethical AI goes beyond databases and algorithms. The privacy and security of the user is paramount. Now, more than ever, user data is at risk. Between data breaches and shady data sales, it’s understandable that users are more guarded than ever. That’s why MoodMe designed hyper-optimized algorithms that work on cutting-edge devices, low-end smart phones, and everything in-between—robots, vehicles, etc.

All algorithms that process face images run 100% locally, on the device facing the end-user. No face is stored, not even locally. No face is sent to the cloud.

Size matters when it comes to small computing environments. MoodMe has several algorithms for face detection, emotion detection, and many more. with a complete size of a couple of MB, preserving the storage capacity on your devices without compromising on the efficiency or quality of the AI.

Why We Don’t Send Data to the Cloud

Sending data to the Cloud seems logical: storage space and computing power are unlimited…. and so are the invoice from your supplier!

A business with 100,000 videos an hour pays> $ 100.000 / month for a Cloud AI API to which bandwidth costs must be added.

MoodMe edge AI works on end-user devices and optimizes facial analysis load to run concurrently with other applications such as MS Office and video conferencing to deliver the same results at no cost.

Plus, MoodMe is instant, so you get real-time alerts.

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