ai face insights

Personalized experiences for the Emotion Economy

Gather insights on your customers’ emotional journey & demographics.

Machines with empathy, Robots with EQ – emotional intelligence – to adapt to your customers’ emotions and better personalize their service.

Engage your customers with meaningful experiences and gather insights that respect ethics & privacy.

MoodMe Emotion Analytics detects 7 emotions, including blended (mix) emotions.

Sampling rates vary with customers’ requirements from every few seconds to > 10 times per second.

Gender Age & Ethnicity detectors provide audience demographics.

Face re-identification recognizes returning customers, colleagues in video collaboration, or students in online lectures.

Anonymized data are turned into insights with big data analytics. All data are stored on our Insights Platform’s Secure Servers hosted by Amazon AWS.


  • Video collaboration: measure engagement & attention of teams & students.
  • Healthcare: gather insights on patients’ experience, mental health, prevention of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Smart digital signage: Learn about audiences’ preferences and adapt content to each demographic segment.
  • Apps & Video Games: adaptive to user’s emotions, richer user testing.
  • Emotional Journey Analytics for Retail Stores.
  • Customers Insights focus groups: Deploy projects & gather results instantly with Web or Mobile Apps.
  • Events & Conferences: Engagement & demographics of visitors.


  • Privacy by Design: MoodMe processes all faces locally. No faces stored ever. No faces in the Cloud.
  • Ethics by Design: unbiased AI built with datasets as diverse as humanity: ethnicities, genders, and ages.
  • Instantaneity: real-time feedback as all processing is local.
  • Cost: Cloud APIs & bandwidth cost a fortune at scale.