We are spending our lives in video calls. Is our audience engaged?

Are our students & colleagues on board or just bored?

Is everybody paying attention? Are you leaving a talent behind?

MoodMe provides Engagement Insights by detecting emotions, facial expressions, and attention of participants in video calls.

Your Privacy is protected: MoodMe never stores faces.

Happiness leads to productivity. Are your professors teaching to motivated classes?

What is your talents’ morale? How is it trending?

What if you could prevent depression or mitigate stress?

MoodMe provides personalized training recommendations for teams to prevent anybody from falling behind.

MoodMe runs with any video platform.

Diversity & Inclusion: is there an engagement gap between genders, races, or ages?

How can you improve inclusion if you don’t measure it?

How is your organization progressing?

How to improve feedback for Professors to keep all their students engaged?

MoodMe provides custom rules and parameters to meet your data anonymization requirements as employment legislation and privacy / GDPR.


How is my team doing? Is my class engaged ?

It is hard to communicate effectively. Emotions are lost.

How are inclusion and diversity managed?

Concerns on Privacy


Actionnable engagement insights.

Subtle understanding of emotions, facial expressions, attention and participation.

GREG: Gender Race Engagement Gap. Measure it to improve it.

No faces stored ever!

Tutorial & Demo

Vimotions analyzes a video call with 4 participants:
7 emotions, attention, and speaking time.

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Employees & Students

  • Personalized feedback on engagement & emotions to adapt behaviour
  • Compare yourself to your colleagues
  • Follow your own evolution over time

Managers, Professors

  • Real time feedback on engagement of your audience
  • Adapt your presentation to individuals’ moods and attention
  • Gather objective metrics of engagement accross multiple meetings / lectures
  • Managerial Dashboard, reports & historical comparisons

Telemedicine / eHealth

  • Objective measurement of patient’s experience independent from Doctor’s emotions
  • Insights on Patients’ emotional journey over a treatment
  • Compare emotional response of patients to the same treatment
  • Hollystic understanding of patients
For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Engagement Insights: Reporting tools

Tutorial on the dashboards & reports:
Speaking time pie chart, Attention & Emotion timeline.
Participation dashboard.

Vimotions works with any video conferencing tool.
It re-identifies participants in order to follow them during a video session.