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Work From Home: Humanity has changed habits permanently

Work from home is here to stay. The collaboration & productivity tools need to evolve to support productivity & digital wellbeing.

Actionable Engagement Insights

MoodMe measures the emotions & attention of participants in video collaboration objectively and anonymously.

MoodMe respects privacy & your wallet: no faces are ever stored thanks to our edge AI.

Data ETL (extract transform load) turns data into actionable insights thanks to business rules, dashboards & analytics.

Import all data via our APIs or files into your favorite Business Intelligence.

Participants Engagement

Emotions, attention, and speaking time data are collected & aggregated over a video session.

Optionally, face thumbnails connect people with their data.

Participants are represented by a colored dot in a 2 – dimensional graph:

  • X coordinate: emotion score
  • Y coordinate: Attention + Speaking score

The goal is to have meetings with participants in the upper right quadrant. This meeting did not generate high participants’ engagement.

A repetition of this pattern triggers corrective actions, such as training, coaching, or a day off, depending on the policies of the organization.

Engagement Insights

The Emotion Score combines all 7 emotions: Happy, Surprised, Afraid, Angry, Disgusted, Sad & Neutral.

The emotion and attention scores are computed for all participants and plotted vertically. The timeline is horizontal. Each emotion is measured on a scale of 0-100. Learn more about it click below!

Speaking Time Dashboard

The main Dashboard shows the pie chart of the speaking time of each participant. All team members’ data are aggregated over the duration of the call.

MoodMe detects speech with AI (computer vision, tracking movements of the mouth) or with video platform integrations.

Team Engagement Dashboard

All team members’ data are aggregated into KPIs visualized over a period. 6 weeks in this example: 3 teams are performing well but 1 team is lagging behind. As this situation persists, an automatic training recommendation is generated for the team to follow online courses on remote people management in Covid times.

The training bears fruits and the team’s score grows to narrow the gap over the following weeks. Measuring engagement is the first step in improving it.


See Vimotions in action in a video call with 4 participants:
Tracking 7 emotions, attention, and speaking time.
The face tracking quality is displayed as a circle around each face.
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