retail insights

Customer experience insights & measure emotional responses

Retailers need new customer insights to embrace the “next normal”.

How do customers react emotionally to their products? What is their emotional journey inside their store or electronic store (eStore)?

What demographic segment is more likely to buy their product? How to predict ROI of campaigns and new product launches?

MoodMe can help unlock unique insights with unbiased face analytics that respects privacy.

Discover how we help brands, retailers & agencies among our 80+ Customers.


Retailers need to provide memorable experiences to compete

Friction & wait reduce purchases

Lack of understanding of Customers’ behaviour leads to low loyalty


Memorable and measurable experiences with unbiased AI.

Measure sentiment and demographics, enrich your CRM.

Gather insights: a new big data for the emotion economy.



  • Realistic, fun, memorable
  • Faster path to purchase and gratification.
  • Unique promotional deals in 1 Click


  • Engage and grow sales
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Build brand equity with user generated content
  • Insights on engagement: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics


  • Engage and entertain Customers
  • Grow sales, reduce sales staff cost
  • Lure people in your Stores, increase foot traffic
  • Increase Customer loyalty with Personalized experiences
  • Insights on Consumers: demographics, psychographics, buy-o graphics