Face Insights: Unbiased Edge AI + Privacy


MoodMe provides customers with Insights on audiences thanks to advanced edge AI.

Privacy by design: all processing on the end-user device. No faces stored. No Cloud.

  • 7 emotions: Happy, Surprised, Afraid, Angry, Disgusted, Sad & Neutral. Measured on a 0 – 100 scale.
  • Blended emotions: combinations of base emotions
  • attention
  • gender
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • identification: face matching

MoodMe runs anywhere: Mobile, Web, Desktop, IoT, robots. Our C/C++ code and neural networks can be ported to any other platform.

Problems Solutions
Measure Customer Experience
Emotions, Attention and Gender, Age detection
Recognize People
Accurate and Instant Identification
Privacy concerns
Local processing. No Faces Stored. No Cloud.


  • detection of subtle emotions
  • gender & age
  • recognize returning customers
  • optimized for mobile & embedded systems
  • Mobile first, ultra optimized code for embedded devices
  • Adaptive to power of device for best trade offs
  • Works in dark environments & low definition faces
  • Broadest range of platforms, mobile, web, desktop, server, embedded IoT
  • Easy to integrate with free reference App source code
  • Privacy protection built in