face identification

Machines with face intelligence and Eq, recognize your employees and grant access to your offices.

In-Store Robots personalize greetings to returning customers.

MoodMe Face Matching runs locally on any edge device: IoT, Smartphone, PC. It recognizes people with > 99% accuracy in good lighting conditions.

It is robust to changes in face characteristics such as mask, hat, beard, glasses.


  • Privacy: MoodMe processes all faces locally. MoodMe does not store faces, nor sends them to the Cloud.
  • Instantaneity: no delays, all processing is local.
  • Big Savings: Cloud APIs cost a lot at scale. In addition, you save a lot on bandwidth as you don’t need to upload videos to the Cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Access Control: to venues, concerts, events and office buildings.
  • Healthcare: access to special areas of hospitals to health professionals.
  • Security: Recognition of people of interest.