Flashback 2019

2019 was non – stop on the road: 5 months in the USA: Silicon Valley, Florida, Portland, Louisiana and Texas. SXSW. Texas A&M. Brazos Valley. Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio. Brazil. Belgium for Mom’s 95th and to meet with the Red Devils (the #1 according to FIFA ranking). Doha to win the selection to Qatar Sports Tech.

The main feelings as we wrap this year are gratefulness to our amazing team who keeps on building better products, inventing amazing new algorythms, training more accurate neural networks with Privacy by Design & winning new customers. Truly excited as our journey is taking a turn towards growth.

The highlights are:

  • (don’t mess with) Texas, the Lone Star State, where we started new partnerships in Research with Texas A&M leading to Face Matching and Background Removal new neural networks hyper optimized for low range mobile devices. Reinforcing our credo in innovation hacks and respect for Privacy. Why send your face to a “Cloud” when all AI can be moved to your smartphone? Put an end to 100 places which keep your face, do not provide you with a means to remove your face and weaken your right for privacy.
  • Serendipity: Many thanks to our AWEX Walloon Partners Philippe Lachapelle & Yves Dubus at SXSW, key to unlock the Texas A&M innovation mine.
  • Houston (we have a solution!) Dynamo BBVA Launchpad. Winning this prestigious award for the most innovative Startup of South Texas means we now have to work on our accent… Does watching Young Sheldon qualify ? ;-) Truly exciting to walk on the pitch during the half time of LA Galaxy game (near the aura of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who of course scored… the Dynamos #OrangeForever ended up winning 4-2). Rewarding to get a 10.000 US$ check and to shake hands with VP of BBVA Ralph Miller and Houston Dynamo’s President, John Walker.


  • Ground breaking engagement insights through face analytics in video conferences. Telework collaboration solution combining Face Identification, Emotion, Attention and Speech detection in real time to deliver more productive meetings for remote teams and classes.
  • Zürich, home to the Mothership of Football with the Women’s World Cup in France and the Club’s World Cup in Qatar, creating world-first augmented experiences combining Face AI and AR.
  • Doha, Qatar who will host the FIFA World Cup 2023 and just hosted the Club’s World Cup. Amazing selection days of Qatar Sports Tech, the accelerator program run by StartupBootCamp for startups whose cutting edge technology will reshape the industry of sports. It was so interesting to meet the program organizers, many inspired entrepreneurs as well as the QST Mentors.


  • Qatar Airways with a World First digital campaign powered by face segmentation/background removal, Face AI + Emotion detection. Proud to contribute to the “send us a smile, we send you to Qatar” campaign. Truly grateful to plant seeds of Partnership in Qatar and Zürich.
  • Houston Dynamo to meet with the #OrangeForever. New coach, new top management, CMO and VP Partnership meetings, for the next steps of our Launchpad collaboration.
  • Belgium, my motherland, talking about also being #1 in fan experiences and sponsors activations. A real pleasure to meet the young and dynamic digital team.
  • Brazil, first approach to major Clubs of the “Pais do Futchebol”.
  • Docking station, reloading my batteries, unlike Tesla, not with coal (you gotta love Vinod Khosla for that & Sun Microsystem of course :)

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