MoodMe is an experiential & insights face AR & AI technologies company.

Our vision is to be the leader in the digital transformation towards the emotion economy.

Our foundation is unbiased AI that respects privacy and ethics by design.

Our Values


We put humans first.
Our goal is to improve relations, remove bias, and make machines more emotionally intelligent to help us improve our lives.


Trust and transparency are a virtuous circle. Transparency leads to trust. Trust is essential to happy, constructive, and productive teamwork.


Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes changes your point of view. Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes creates a whole new perspective.

Customer focus

Without them, we would not exist. They sustain our viability.
They deserve all our respect and care.


TNT: Today, Not Tomorrow. Time is of the essence.


Learn by doing. Only those who don’t try don’t make mistakes. Make other mistakes.


Accepting our capacity to change our minds and our lives with a growth mindset.


We encourage curiosity as this supercharges learning, critical thinking, debate.


Think creatively of opportunities for a third way, seek true win-win rather than two opposing possibilities.

Our Team

Our Advisors